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Work Experience

Work Experience is an integral part of the CEIAG programme and educational entitlement of each pupil. All Year 10 pupils will be expected to spend a full working week in the world of work.

It will be planned to assist the pupils’ personal development, by involving them in a working situation where they have identifiable working roles and where they will come into contact with patterns of work and social relationships which will differ from those encountered at school.

It should be noted that the purpose of work experience must not be seen as a preparation or means of entry to any particular job or careers but rather as a way for pupils to gain insight into the world of work, its disciplines and relationships.

Work Experience is also about enriching the curriculum and making it more relevant in preparation for a rapidly changing world. It will be an experience for everyone which when shared with their peers and drawn out by subject teachers, will give an insight into the world of work and help connect school learning to it.
All pupils will be visited (or at least contacted, along with employer) by a member of staff during the Work Experience placement. Employers will be asked to complete an evaluation form which will be shared and fed back to all pupils.