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Staff & Contact Details

Who's who? 

Secondary schools are often much larger than primary schools. At Deptford Green there are a number of different staff that will be involved in your child’s education alongside the form tutor and subject teachers.

Emma Thurston (Headteacher) is supported by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) which consists of:

Role Name
Deputy Headteacher  Ms Stanghon
Deputy Headteacher  Mr Allen
Deputy Headteacher  Mr Paish
Director of Finance and Resources Mr O'Halloran
Assistant Headteacher Mr Callaghan 
Assistant Headteacher Ms Player (Maternity Leave)
Assistant Headteacher Mr Jospehs
Assistant Headteacher Mabina Ahmed
Head of HR and Administration Ms Grist (whilst Ms Courtney on Maternity Leave)
Safeguarding Team

Our Student Services Team made up of the Heads of Year and Pastoral Leaders who support them:

Year Group  Head of Year Pastoral Leader
Head of Year 7 (KS3) Ms Caltagirone Ms Mohammed
Acting Head of Year 8 (KS3) Ms Wild Mr Charles-Reid
Head of Year 9 (KS3) Mr Jones Ms Kaseba
Head of Year 10 (KS4) Mr Conway Mr Sinclair
Head of Year 11(KS4) Ms Williams Ms Samms

Staff Body

Nicole Agudelo-Osorio Learning Support Assistant
Mabina Ahmed Assistant Headteacher
Jamiu Akanbi Teacher of Computing & Business Studies
Tamarh Alcide-Edwards Learning Support Assistant
Luis Fabian Almeida EAL Lead
Lynn Ascott Attendance and Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Gabriel Askew Music Tutor
Jessica Austin-Burdett Head of Art & Community
Tabitha-Storm Bartlett-Garrad Art Technician
Rubina Begum Early Career Teacher
Bilgin Bekayi Lettings Attendant 
Huseyin Bekayi Lettings Attendant 
Mary Bertram Administrative Officer
Lisa Blake Senior Science Technician
Margaret Bosa Science Technician 
Keana Brown Learning Support Assistant
Rizwan Butt RE, Ethics and Sociology Teacher
Sarah Caltagirone Head of Year 7, Lead Practitioner, Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Zoe Calvert Head of Modern Foreign Languages 
Natasha Cameron Head of Inclusion
Kamarl Charles-Reid Pastoral Leader
Gurvinder Chana Design Technology Technician 
Amy Coffey Attendance and Safeguarding Lead
Jake Conway PE Teacher, Head of Year 10
Paul Curran Head of Design & Technology
Tara Daszek-Green Music Teacher
Oliver Djordjevic Creative Arts Teacher
Cindy Duong Reprographics & Admin Officer
Anniesha Ebanks Head of Maths, Computing & Business Faculty Maternity Leave
Linda Edy Design Technology Teacher
Kinga Falkowska Learning Support Assistant
Francisco Fernandez English Teacher (And English Language Lead)
Laura Fernandez Higher Level Teaching Assistant, EAL Co-Ordinator
Olivia Fletcher Learnign Support Assistant
Moe Forrest Maths Teacher 
Nick George Maths Teacher
Bridget Gilchrist Head of Autism Resource Base
Naomi Gordon Admin Operations Team Leader
Takira Grant Learning Support Assistant
Eppie Greenhalgh Art Teacher
Charlie Hall Senior Music Tutor
Ali Hancorn Music Tutor
Cara  Harvey Exams and Cover Officer
Amira Hassen Learning Support Assistant
Jamie Heelbeck Head of Drama & Community
Abby Heiser Head's PA & Marketing Officer
Ebi Hill Science Teacher
Ryan Hill Head of Music & Community
Dawn Hope Cover Supervisor 
Ali Ibachirene-Firth Early Career Teacher
Jeff  Jacobs Alternatiave Provision Manager
Janey Joauvel Head of RE, Ethics and Sociology
Jonny Jones Drama Teacher, Head of Year 9 
Stephanie Kaseba Pastoral Leader for Years 9
Ilyas Khan I.T. Provisions Manager
Andy Knight Science Teacher
Adam Lambert Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Megan Linnell Senior Music Tutor
Imane Louchini Maths Teacher
Ann Manning Science Teacher
Matthew Melia Head of PE 
Nadine Mincoff Head of Science
Lailah Mohammed Pastoral Leader for Year 7
Andres Moron Senior Music Tutor
Demi Murray Science Teacher
Edmund Ndebele Maths Teacher
Axsle Neil English Teacher
Celine Nembhard Careers Information Advice Guidance Officer
Janine Neubronner Administrative Officer
Marsha Noel Behaviour Mentor
Vanessa Parker Music Tutor
Michelle Parkinson Learning Support Assistant
Rebecca Power Key Stage Administrative Officer
Jillie Pritchard Director of Primary & Community Outreach
Bryan Ramsay Lead Practitioner 
Lisa Samms Pastoral Leader KS4
Emmanuel Scheer Administrative Officer
Kate Simpson Music Tutor
Jason Sinclair Pastoral Leader for Year 10
Lavern Smith Lead Learning Support Assistant
Vanessa Spencer Key Stage Administrative Officer
Solomon St Luce Music Teacher
Joshua Stamp Head of Geography Department
Karen Swanson SENCO
Shakira Taskin Cover Supervisor & Behaviour Support
Bradley Ticknell-Smith Data and Exams Team Leader
David Ticknell-Smith Head of Operations 
To Lien Tran Lead Practitioner
Paulina Tumkevice Head of Business and Computing
Esther Wakelin-Stotten Art Teacher
Tracy Walker School Librarian and Parent Liaison Officer
Tom Watts Head of English/Head of Media and Film Studies 
Hollie Wild Head of Year 8, Geography Teacher
Anton Williams Learning Support Assistant
Miranda Williams Head of Year 11 (Maternity Leave)
Charlotte Wills Learning Support Assistant
Kieran Woodgate History Teacher
Hanna Wozniak Music Tutor
Damilola Yusuf Inclusion Admin Officer
Saema Zahraa Maths Teacher
Moses Zikusoka Science Teacher