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"Creativity is intelligence having fun" - Albert Einstein

I could not be prouder to be Headteacher of Deptford Green, you only have to step through the doors to feel the difference, what will strike you first is the strong relationships between staff and students. We pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive, diverse school with creativity and community at its heart. Our GREAT values (Growth; Respect; Equality; Accountability; Togetherness) underpin all that we do to ensure our students are happy and feel safe so that they can flourish with their learning in every subject. 

Emma Thurston, Headteacher

As a school who champions The Arts students are able to fully express themselves through a multitude of opportunities in the arts subjects but also through the plethora of student leadership and voice platforms we prioritise. Rewarding effort and participation is central to our pastoral programme alongside our outstanding pastoral wrap around provision including non-teaching pastoral leaders attached to each year group. Our Place2Be counsellors support full-time in school alongside our first-class transition programme which enables our new year 7's to start school feeling confident and fully-fledged integral members of our warm school community. 

Academic progress is key to student success and opens many doors for our students in their future, our focus on challenge for ALL results in lessons that are exciting, stimulating, and inspiring promoting curiosity and deep thinking. We work closely with many academic partners including an opportunity for year 9's to study Latin at Colfe's school and visits to Oxford and Cambridge universities as part of the Year 8 Brilliant Club programme. 

Through embedding our school motto 'Catch the Wind in Your Sails: Explore; Dream; Discover' Deptford Green students are encouraged to take risks, challenge themselves, unearth passions and inspire one another.

Our aim is for our students to become powerful, expressive, resilient and confident people, who push boundaries and are ready to make a difference. Our offer is defined by creating opportunities and preparing for the future, laying the foundations for success and providing a platform for students to jump start their next adventure from.

The only question is, are you ready to join us?

Emma Thurston, Headteacher