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Vision and Mission


We aspire to be a vibrant and dynamic learning environment, in which every student is given the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential and be able to achieve their ambitions for the next stage of their educational journey; make a positive contribution to the school community and the wider community that we serve and develop socially and emotionally the skills and attributes needed to live happy, safe and productive adult lives.


Our mission statement of ‘ explore, dream discover’ play an important role in everyday life at Deptford Green.

What does our mission mean to us?

To explore at Deptford Green is to take risks, challenge yourself and find your purpose.  It is to explore uncharted territory, relishing every opportunity in front of you.  It is to not settle for what you already know, but to try new things, show resilience, and dive into unknown waters confidently.

To dream at Deptford Green is to be inspired and to inspire others.  It is to realise that anything is possible, to cross borders and have the highest expectations of yourself and those around you.  It is to continue to strive and move forward, tackling challenges head on with determination, opening many doors to your future as a result.

To discover at Deptford Green is to love what you learn and learn what you love.  It is to discover yourself, who you want to be navigating your future with curiosity and wonder.  It is to seek out and celebrate the differences and lives of others, to find your place in your community and develop a deep understanding about the world around you.