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The school uniform for all students is to be worn without variation. 

Our school uniform was chosen by our school council, and it is an important part of creating a school identity in which we all take pride.

What to buy

Deptford Green School has three suppliers for many of the uniform items:


246 Lewisham High St

SE13 6JU


Wearabouts Schoolwear

99 Sydenham Rd

SE26 5UA


White Hall Clothiers

77 Camberwell Road



Those items marked with an asterisk (*) below may ONLY be purchased from the supplier and may not be replicated by high street brands or home-made products. Parents/carers must ensure that they have purchased the relevant asterisked items for their child, from the school, prior to their start at the school.

All items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the student’s full name.

All Students

  • Blazer - A black suit style jacket with small Deptford Green logo (compulsory- must be worn at all times including when wearing summer uniform)*
  • Trousers - These must be black (tailored uniform type, not denim, lycra or “skinny” styling)
  • Skirt - Black (tailored, knee length, not tight fitting and allowing freedom of movement).
  • Shirt - White shirt with top button for wearing with a tie (not fitted blouses, PE type or denim)
  • Jumper - A black V-neck pullover with a small Deptford Green logo. Optional for winter*
  • Tie* see year group colours below
  • Shoes - Black low heeled full styled shoes less than 3cm high. Leather or leather effect. Not gym shoes, trainers, sandals or canvas pumps, no boots
  • Bag* a rucksack or a school bag big enough to carry all equipment and school books
  • You will need another bag/larger bag for the days when they have PE/Food Technology (for which they will be given a list of ingredients). Unfortunately the school building has no lockers.

Summer uniform

  • DG White polo shirt with school logo
  • Tailored black shorts (optional)
  • Blazers are compulsory except Year 11 students


  • Year 7 - Purple
  • Year 8 - Light Blue
  • Year 9 - Dark Blue
  • Year 10 - Green
  • Year 11 - Red

For the academic year beginning September 2022 - the ties for year groups will be as follows:

  • Year 7 - Red
  • Year 8 - Purple
  • Year 9 - Light Blue
  • Year 10 - Dark Blue
  • Year 11 - Green


The PE Uniform comprises of:

  • Black polo T-shirt with school logo*
  • Plain black shorts or jogging bottoms or black shorts with school logo*
  • Plain black sports socks
  • Trainers (which must not be worn until the PE lesson begins)
  • Sweater: Black round neck sweater with school logo. Optional for winter.*

Further details:

  • Jewellery is not permitted except for a single piercing in each ear that must be plain, non-jewelled, gold/silver effect studs.
  • No facial piercings allowed.
  • Headwear of any kind is not permitted in the building unless for religious reasons and then should follow the school colours of black, white or jade green. Headwear is only permitted in playgrounds during extreme weather.
  • Baseball caps are not appropriate for school and should not be worn anywhere on site.
  • Outdoor clothing should be removed immediately upon entering the classroom.
  • Sunglasses are not permitted in school including on top of the head.
  • Make-up and nail varnish, if worn, must be kept to a minimum.
  • Hair bands and beads must be in the school colours of black, white or green. Hair dye is not recommended for children at secondary school age. However if used it must be in natural tones.

Pupils who do not follow the above rules will be placed in the reflection room or asked to to return home to collect missing uniform.

Key tips for Parents:

  • Learn the uniform requirements
  • Make sure when they leave you in the morning they are dressed correctly and smartly
  • Remind them that not wearing their uniform correctly will get them into trouble, will send a negative impression to staff and wastes staff time in dealing with it
  • Make sure your child’s name is in all items of uniform
  • Encourage them to change out of their uniform straight after school
  • Make sure everything is clean and ready to put on each evening
  • Make sure that a full PE kit is taken to school the day it is needed

Basic Required Equipment

All students must have a bag with them at all times. It must be suitable for carrying books, their planner and their equipment. We highly recommend you purchase our Deptford Green School bag. Students must have:

  • A blue or black pen
  • A green pen
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • ruler
  • coloured pencils
  • mathematical equipment including a calculator their planner
  • A reading book must also be carried by all students

You will need another bag/larger bag for the days when they have PE/Food Technology (for which they will be given a list of ingredients). Unfortunately the school building has no lockers.

Personal equipment

The school does not take responsibility for personal equipment brought onto the site – e.g. mobile phones, ipods, bikes as the school is not insured for the loss or damage of students' belongings. Parents are advised to ensure that any items of value brought to school are covered by their own insurance policy in case of damage. In PE lessons there is a system for collecting valuables that must be followed.

If items are lost, students should first trace back their movements (eg did they leave their coat in the last lesson) and if unsuccessful report to reception as soon as possible.

Mobile phones

At Deptford Green School we consistently review our practice and policies to ensure that we meet our core purpose; to ensure that every student is safe and happy and that every student can therefore focus on their learning and make the best possible progress.

Throughout the school year we hold staff working parties to support our school improvement strategy. As you know, we also hold regular Parents Forums to share key information and listen to views from our community. As a result of recent discussions with our staff and parents and visits to observe practice across a number of schools we have decided to change our mobile phone policy. From September 2019 mobile phones will not be seen or heard within our school - the building or the grounds.

One key reason for this change is to support the safeguarding of our students; we are unable to monitor student’s use of their mobile phones. We also want to encourage students to enjoy their social time, engage in shared conversations and activities. We know that this will support their own positive emotional well-being. We also want to prevent disruption to learning time and prevent teachers having to spend time away from teaching (phones have become a distraction to learning). Finally, we want to prevent the escalation of minor peer disputes through social networks and we want to reduce/prevent cyber-bullying. We will continue to support e-safety education through both PHSE and other areas of the curriculum.

We understand that students may still have their mobile devices with them in school but for the reasons highlighted they must not be seen or heard throughout the day. The school cannot accept responsibility for any mobile device brought on to the school premises and in possession of a student.

From September when a mobile phone is either seen or heard, it will be confiscated immediately, stored in a safe and returned to the student at the end of the day. If a student either initially refuses to hand over their phone or their phone is confiscated for a second time we will expect parents to collect the confiscated item.

Sports equipment

Many students like to bring balls to school for break time and pre-school sports. These should be left with the tutor in the morning and arranged to be collected at lunch or after school.

Cycling to school

Please inform reception if you would like to cycle to school. The Student Services office then arranges for the child to have access to the bike sheds.