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Student Voice and Student Leadership

At Deptford Green School we believe that student leadership is one of the central strands of student achievement. We want as many students as possible to take on leadership roles.  

During the school day we focus on developing students Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication (LORIC) behaviours every day in every lesson and at every opportunity. Click on the link below to view how every subject has planned to develop student leadership in their curriculum (select a subject and then scroll to their LORIC poster at the bottom of their subject page).  In all lessons we encourage students to model, to lead group work, actively help and support others, model and encourage the right behaviours in others, deliver presentations, teach skills and knowledge to others.  

We constantly look to develop leadership opportunities for students outside of lesson time, so we have worked with students to develop a range and variety of other leadership roles in the school. 

School Captains

Last year, at Deptford Green School we appointed our first ever School Captains. A high number of pupils applied (over 30) and they had to go through a rigorous application and interview process (with Senior Leaders) before being appointed. They also had to demonstrate that they were students who had an excellent record of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and uniform, who had demonstrated a commitment to the school.  In the end, 5 students were appointed: Dru, Max, Tiarna, Faizat and Mae, all in year 11. They will shortly be leading on the process to appoint year 10 School Captains who will take over this role when they leave next Summer. The main roles are to lead at events, tour guests and visitors around the school, lead meetings with students from younger year groups, meet with Senior Leaders, deliver sessions, and key information updates to our school community.  

If you are a year 10 interested in becoming one of our next school captains, you will shortly be given information on the roles and responsibilities of a school captain, the personal qualities required and the application and interview process. We encourage all students to apply for this fantastic leadership opportunity. 

Restorative Peer Mediators 

At Deptford Green School we work restoratively with our staff and students when harm is caused, and we need to put things right. Every year in the summer term we invite all year 9 students to apply to become Restorative Peer Mediators. This role involves them supporting younger students to deal with issues and conflicts. If they are successfully appointed they take part in high quality training which equips them to carry out this essential role effectively. Last year we had 65 year 9 students apply, and we appointed 25 RPM’s. They currently come into school in the mornings and are available at lunchtimes to support our younger students as and when required. We also have 25 students in our current year 11 cohort who received the training and continue to support our younger students. The feedback from both older and younger students about the impact of this role is extremely impressive. The RPM’s have stated that this role has improved their organisation, communication and leadership skills; the younger students have said that working with the older students makes them feel safe and supported, and sometimes they’d rather talk to them than an adult. If you are a year 9 student who wants to become a RPM please listen out for how to apply in your assemblies and tutors times. Again, we encourage all students to apply for this excellent training opportunity and leadership role. 

Mental Health Ambassadors   

When we returned from the pandemic students at Deptford Green wanted to raise the awareness and profile of mental health much more regularly. Students started work with Place to Be and this led to us developing anew leadership role- Mental Health Ambassadors. There are 25 Mental Health Ambassadors in each year group. All students applied for the role because they care about mental health, and they want to raise awareness of it across the school. Since completing their training they have led on assemblies, gone into home rooms to deliver information on strategies, where to get support, external helplines and support amongst many other things. The mental wellbeing of our students is key to them feeling happy, safe and able to flourish, so we thank all of the current Mental Health Ambassadors for the amazing work they are doing to support our whole school community. 

Sexual Harassment Ambassadors 

Deptford Green School students were very keen to raise awareness about sexism, sexual harassment and violence. They wanted to raise awareness and support others to stand up to any forms of harassment. We have therefore been working on a campaign called ‘It is that Deep’ with a local charity called Believe UK. All year groups have had assemblies on this topic, and they will also have sessions delivered to them by experts during their PSHE/RSHE curriculum. Students in year 10 and 11 were then offered an opportunity to take part in our Sexual Harassment Ambassador programme. There are currently 18 students in year 10 and 11 who are training to be ambassadors for the school and the local community. There will soon be an opportunity for students in year 7, 8 and 9 to become ambassadors. We encourage all students to take up this very important leadership opportunity.  

Student Voice at Deptford Green  

We want all students to feel they have a voice. We have a clear commitment to pupil participation – for example, by working to generate support for pupil participation across our school, and sharing the benefits of it to make sure everyone in the school understands why involving pupils is important. 

We support pupil participation – we do this by providing training and support for pupils to make sure they can participate effectively. 

We provide children with equal opportunities to be involved – we make sure we take children's age, maturity and understanding into account when deciding how to support them in participating. 

We use whole year group surveys as a way of gathering feedback from students, and we also have form rep meetings and focus groups.  

We continually review pupil participation, and we have recently appointed a member of staff (Mr McDonald) to lead on and develop student voice and leadership at Deptford Green School.  

Form Reps 

At Deptford Green School we value the feedback and voice of all of our students. We know how extremely insightful and constructive they can be, and their feedback has led to so many school improvements. 

  • Picking our school uniform. 

  • Agreeing the effective learner behaviours we should be developing and focusing on- LORIC.  

  • Reducing the day of remote learning to support mental health and give students breaks. 

  • Informing us of the enrichment clubs they would like to attend- table tennis, football, trampolining etc, all of which are now on the programme. 

  • Changing tutor time back to morning registrations so that they do not miss lesson time to meet with their tutor groups. 

  • Deciding on how the reward budget should be spent -trips, prizes, raffles. 

  • Giving us feedback to improve teaching and learning and other key areas of the school.