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Students, staff and governors at Deptford Green School are celebrating the recent Ofsted Inspection. Following a two-day inspection in April 2022, the school has achieved ‘Good’ status, lauded across all categories. Inspectors praised the good quality of education, great journey of improvement the school has made and high expectations.

Ofsted inspectors observed that ‘pupils have many opportunities to nurture their talents and interests, especially in the creative arts’ and ‘many like taking on leadership roles’. Ofsted also acknowledged the safety of students, harmonious environment and recognised the strong working relationships between students and staff.

The inspection found that the leadership team are ambitious for all students, working closely to raise aspirations across the school. Leaders have made positive changes to the curriculum, with the school’s LORIC values system encouraging the development of skills including initiative-taking and communication.

The Inspection report highlighted specific areas of strength:

  • Pupils are safe and well cared for at this school. Pupils know that staff are there to support and guide them.
  • Leaders have high expectations of what pupils can achieve. They have worked with staff to help raise pupils aspirations
  • Pupils like taking on leadership roles, including as library leaders and mental health ambassadors. They are motivated to work hard and do their best.
  • Staff have created a harmonious environment. Pupils behave well in lessons.
  • Leaders promote a love of reading across the school. Leaders have given careful thought to the knowledge and skills pupils need in each subject area.
  • Pupils like being in this diverse school community.
  • From Year 7 onwards pupils benefit from extensive careers guidance and a well-planned careers programme. In lessons, pupils are attentive and settle quickly to their work.
  • Pupils spoke positively about the range of services available at school to help them with their mental health and wellbeing.
  • Leaders with responsibility for safeguarding are experienced and well trained.
  • Leaders have the support of staff, pupils, and parents and carers Staff are proud to work here.
  • Leaders support staff well in developing their teaching and subject knowledge.

I would like to praise and thank our students, staff and governing body for all that has been achieved at Deptford Green. Recently, the school has celebrated an upward trajectory of improvement, and we are delighted that the report has recognised our achievements and progress and reflected the reality of Deptford Green. I am delighted to be leading this school and look forward to continuing on this journey of success. As Headteacher, I am incredibly proud of the team at Deptford Green: our fantastic staff network who are ambitious and relentless in their drive to improve outcomes and opportunities for all students, and our incredible students.

Emma Thurston