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Link Library


The CENTRALISED LINK LIBRARY is designed to support you in your learning through the use of a platform called Wakelet. This fantastic resource allows you to search by subject, year group or Key Stage and find a resource to support your learning/research dependent on what your teacher has identified it as.
The library will be built up as teachers send me further links. If you have any problems accessing an individual link, please email me: and I will investigate it for you – please include the link you are trying to access. Likewise, if you find a link doesn’t link to what it says it should be, please let me know. I am not responsible for the internet and things do go wrong occasionally so if something is not right then please let me know so I can investigate it and /or remove it.
If you come across any other sites during your own research that are not included in the Link Library and you think it would be useful to other students, please send it to me, letting me know what you have found your link to be useful for and I will look into it and add it if it is suitable.


I hope you will find this link library to be useful in supporting your child/children in their studies.
It is created in a fantastic platform which enables students in one click to go directly to whatever media is involved without having to access Youtube, Twitter, Powerpoint or any other media separately. The resources have been sent to me mainly by teachers of the subject with a few exceptions where I’ve sourced them myself and the platform is available to view on PC, tablet or mobile. I hope that it will prove to be invaluable where our students do research for homework and when studying for tests and exams but I also hope it will be beneficial to you as parents/carers if your child/children needs some extra help or support with their homework/studies and these resources are there to dip into to help you achieve this.
Please let me know if you come across any issues with the Link Library:

Best wishes

Ms Walker
Deptford Green Librarian