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Lettings Enquiries

In September 2012 our new school building opened offering state of the art 21st Century learning to our students.

Described by one visitor as "An oasis of light and space," we are rightly proud of the fabulous environment our students have to work in which they are rightly proud of.

Deptford Green was awarded best Educational Building in the UK" in the LABC Architectural Awards in November 2013 and was selected to feature in Open House London's Programme 2014 and 2015. Our school now includes:

  • wireless technology throughout (meaning students can use lap tops when necessary in each and every classroom)
  • a fitness gym
  • a sound recording studio and radio station,
  • an astro turf all weather pitch
  • light and spacious classrooms which are 25% larger than statutory regulations
  • a tiered seating conference hall with lecture desks which becomes a performance area and can open out to seat the whole school

We are currently running a waiting list for groups that would like to use the sports facilities in the future, such as local badminton, basketball and football teams.

More available are classrooms for community tutoring groups. Currently we are able to lease rooms on Saturdays and from 6-7pm Monday to Friday. The school is unable to open on Sundays except at in exceptional circumstances and at very high cost.