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Independent Learning

At Deptford Green School, we believe that independent learning is of great importance. Not only does work outside of the classroom help students to consolidate learning or develop understanding, but also promotes self-discipline which is essential for their future lives. We therefore ask parents to support the school and their children by ensuring homework is done to a good standard.

All independent learning at Deptford Green is set using Microsoft Teams. All students have been issued with login details. They can access Teams through Office 365 ( By logging in using their school email and password, they have access to all major Microsoft packages. All homework tasks set are designed to develop students’ understanding of a topic, activities to prepare for a lesson, or to consolidate knowledge and therefore, completion is very important to their success.

Students will be set regular tasks by teachers across subjects. Homework tasks in some subjects may sometimes be set as ‘projects’; these will be set less frequently but require more time to be spent on them. There may also be times throughout the year when homework may not be appropriate in some more practical subjects.  Parents can see an overview of the independent learning set for Year 7 – 9 by clicking on the appropriate year group on this page.

We are developing the Key Stage 4 independent learning page to provide clear guidance on how to revise independently.

Clear dates for submission are given on Teams; work will either be set as an ‘assignment’ or as a quiz.  Students are expected to meet the deadlines set. If a student does not understand a homework task or does not have the resources to complete it, it is their responsibility to speak to the teacher in advance of the due date. If the students’ login does not work for any reason, please contact Mary Bertram at

Alongside the homework set on Teams, students should also be encouraged to read regularly. Age-appropriate reading lists will be available on the school website. Reading is an essential part of a child’s progress. We would ask that your child has a reading book in their bag at all times and reads regularly at home.