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Independent Learning

To be able to work independently is to take charge of your learning and make creative, informed choices about the way that you approach your studies.

Independent learners are confident to make decisions, are motivated and disciplined in organising their own time and are reflective of their own work and progress.

At Deptford Green, we aim to create a culture where students can work independently, where they can do more challenging things, by themselves, without help.

As a student, how can I demonstrate my independence?

  • I use my initiative in class.
  • I challenge myself to complete learning on my own before asking for help.
  • I always respond to feedback in detail and make an effort to improve next time.
  • I complete my home learning on time and to a good standard.
  • I support my in class learning by regularly revisiting past topics.
  • I read books independently at home.
  • I catch up on lessons that I have missed by asking my peers or teacher.
  • I support my in class learning and progress by regularly revisiting topics.