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Independent Learning


Independence is a key life skill and an attribute at the heart of Deptford Green’s LORIC learner behaviours.


All students are expected to take accountability for their learning and to build their resilience over time, maintaining a high level of motivation and self-discipline. Students with high degrees of independence are able to make creative, informed decisions, organise their time effectively and do more challenging things, by themselves, without help.

In lessons at Deptford Green students can develop their independence by challenging themselves to complete learning on their own before asking for help and by learning to think deeply and creatively. Students should strive to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding through their extended writing and in their creative projects.

Outside of the classroom and at home, students develop their independence by completing their home learning on time and to a good standard, by regularly revisiting past topics and through independent reading for pleasure. Students who miss lessons should catch up on the work that they have missed by asking their teacher and keeping up to date with the work shared through the school’s online platforms.

Through developing the independent learning skills of our students, we aspire for all at Deptford Green to leave with the mindset and skills to equip them for lifelong learning.