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GREAT Students @ DG

LORIC- building character, being a GREAT Deptford Green learner

At Deptford Green we know the importance of developing and teaching effective learner behaviours in our students. Misbehaviour is minimised by teaching positive learner behaviours. Research suggests that when children improve their learner behaviours, this skill set can improve both academic achievement and cognitive ability.

At Deptford Green School we focus on LORIC- Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Independence and Communication. The learner behaviours were agreed with student leaders when this policy was first written in 2018 and amended this year to change initiative to independence. We know that developing our student’s LORIC skills will not only make them effective learners but will ensure they are successful in whatever pathway they choose when they leave us. Our Behaviour for Learning Policy focuses on building strong relationships with students and catching students doing the right thing. We reward students for demonstrating LORIC (our effective leaner behaviours).

Leadership Students are encouraged to model excellence, motivate and encourage others and step up and volunteer.

ORGANISATION Students are encouraged to make full use of their time, meet deadlines, keep work well presented, complete all student actions in green pen and research topics in advance.

RESILIENCE– Students are encouraged to remain focused even when they find things hard, they are encouraged to learn from mistakes and have a growth mind-set and they are encouraged to be solution focused and use the 5Bs when stuck with their work.

INDEPENDENCE Students are encouraged to ask questions, try out new ideas, be proactive and make links between thinking and learning.

COMMUNICATION Students are encouraged to listen carefully to other people’s ideas, engage in discussion, consider tone and body language, use subject specific vocabulary and share and exchange information, news and ideas effectively.

Please see our LORIC poster below for more information on how students can demonstrate these behaviours in lessons.

GREAT values at DG

A key aspect of our school is community. We are so proud of our positive and unique culture and ethos. Our ethos is rooted in what we believe and who we are. Every person in our school community, be that staff or student, is expected to live by our GREAT values. It is by these ethos values that we want to be known for and to live by to ensure our whole school and local community can feel safe, happy and can thrive in all aspects of school life.

These values were launched in September 2022 after consultation with staff, students, parents and all other school stakeholders.


Students will:

  • Not give up when work is challenging.
  • Encourage others to do well and celebrate when they do.
  • Embrace feedback and always strive to respond to a high standard.

Staff will:

  • Reward great effort not just results.
  • Reflect on each lesson and continuously try to improve.
  • Try new techniques and strategies to develop practice.



Students will:

  • Look after the school building and the local community.
  • Speak to others how they wish to be spoken to.
  • Treat EVERYONE in our school community with respect

Staff will:

  • Not raise their voices to individuals.
  • Listen and understand students’ point of view.
  • Model the use of good manners.



Students will:

  • Not use negative or derogatory language.
  • Be brave and challenge any behaviour that threatens equality.
  • Accept and celebrate everyone in our school community regardless of any individual differences.

Staff will:

  • Plan diversity into their curriculum.
  • Treat all students the same regardless of individual differences.
  • Celebrate the individuality of others.
  • Create BRAVE spaces in their classroom.



Students will:

  • Take charge of their learning both in school and at home.
  • Take responsibility for their behaviour in class, around school and in the local community.
  • Take advantage of many opportunities to develop themselves through enrichment and leadership as possible.

Staff will:

  • Assume responsibility for classroom behaviour and ensure appropriate follow up has been taken.
  • Accept when they have made mistakes.
  • Be committed to planning and delivering the best lessons they can, every day.



Students will:

  • Always help and support others.
  • Encourage others to do the right thing.
  • Work as part of a team not just with their friends.

Staff will:

  • Contribute towards trips and community events.
  • Have an open door policy, sharing thinking and techniques with others.
  • Support other staff and students in times of need as well as celebrating their successes.

See our poster below which is displayed across the whole school.

We strongly believe that this process of continually developing our character and being transformed to become the best version of ourselves is really important for every student and staff member alike. Therefore, we actively promote our LORIC effective learner behaviours as well as our GREAT values.

We believe that by becoming people who live this way, by becoming the best version of ourselves, whether we are a staff member or students, we are transformed, and we are also able to play our part in bringing transformation locally, nationally and globally.

Behaviour Mentors

At Deptford Green School we have school behaviour mentors. These mentors are available to support individuals or small groups of children to ensure that their attitude, behaviour and conduct is of the highest standard.

We monitor engagement data and offer students (whose engagement is a concern) this additional support. Our behaviour mentors work closely with identified children to ensure that they are in a better position to make the right decisions both in lessons and during unstructured times.