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Fabian Almeida

Fabian Almeida

Name: Fabian Almeida

Role: EAL Coordinator

Length of time at the school: 5 years


What attracted you to your job role?   

I started as part of the maintenance team 5 years ago. And I ended up having an interview for the role of Teacher Assistant at Deptford Green School as I had studied to be an Early Childhood Teacher Specialising in English Language Education.  

I thought this was a great opportunity to finally fulfil my teaching career ambitions.

What inspired you to work at Deptford Green? What makes this school unique? 

The most important reason was that Deptford Green School is a ‘Cultural melting pot’.

Deptford Green is unique because it enables students and families from different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs to thrive. No student is left behind.

What do you enjoy most about working at Deptford Green?

My colleagues are extremely cordial and supportive and they are always in good spirits. The line management structure is well-organised which helps to achieve effective and swift support when needed.

Also, the continuous professional development keeps me up to date with the latest methodologies and safeguarding procedures.

What is unique about your role at the school? 

I think that interacting with students and parents from different countries, with diverse languages and cultures is a very satisfying experience.

What are your future ambitions? What do you hope to achieve during your time at DG? 

I would like to learn a new language to widen the range of support in my Department.

Tell us why pupils enjoy coming to Deptford Green?

Students enjoy coming to Deptford Green School because they know they are safe here.

They also have an ample variety of both curricular and extracurricular activities to achieve their full potential.