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Download the enrichment club schedule at the bottom of the page for all the lunchtime and after school clubs. We want every student to join a club. Students can be at school from 8am-5pm for free. Details here.

Enrichment Activities

Our Enrichment programme are fun, focused learning activities that we run before school, at lunchtimes and after school. We want our students to love learning and Central+ gives our students the opportunity to discover their passion and follow their dreams by offering a range of activities, courses and support that they can access in their own time.

Deptford Green provides enjoyable wider learning experiences outside the classroom designed to develop students’ cultural capital and give opportunities that they may not otherwise have access too. A student panel will be elected every year, of which all activities are developed, promoted and organised through, giving all learners the ability to work with each other and display a sense of belonging.

The students may help design a full programme of breakfast, lunch time, after school and holiday activities for ALL that encourages socialising with young people from a range of religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Students learn to appreciate a range of cultures outside of school through a variety of trips, journeys and activities in preparation for life in modern Britain.

Why does my child need enrichment?

Research has shown that students who regularly attend activities after school and in the holidays are:

  • More likely to go to university and get a job
  • Less likely to be disruptive at home and in school

Enrichment makes a huge difference to students – it makes them active learners, inquisitive, confident, independent and resourceful. It challenges them to be the best they can be.