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Duke of Edinburgh @ Deptford Green

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people. It’s about going the extra mile ­– learning new skills for work and life, getting fitter, making a difference and broadening your horizons. Deptford Green School offers the Bronze award to Year 9 and Silver award to Year 10. The Bronze and Silver awards have four parts:

Bronze Award Structure

Silver Award Structure


Activities could be something that young people are already doing or something completely new. Weekend, lunch and after school clubs and activities will count. Minimum one hour a week per section. A whole program will take a minimum of six months to complete. A chosen Assessor will need to write a short statement when they’ve finished each section. This could be a family friend, neighbor, coach or teacher (not a relative).


The Volunteering section is all about taking action and making a difference to other people’s lives. From coaching a local football team or collecting for a foodbank to starting a campaign, young people will give up their time to help others and change things for the better. It’s extremely rewarding, grows confidence and independence — and can enable a young person to experience the world of work too. 

Example activities include:

  • Helping at local food bank
  • Helping coach a team at local primary school
  • Helping Miss Walker in the library


The Physical section is a chance for young people to focus on their health and fitness – and have fun along the way. This might be the push needed for a young person to try something completely different or concentrate and improve on something they are already doing. From yoga to going to the gym, skateboarding to wheelchair tennis­ — almost any dance, sport or fitness activity can count. Young people can join a team or do it on their own — it’s up to them!

Example activities include:

  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Swimming


From coding to cookery, the Skills section lets young people learn a new talent, develop existing skills and discover new things to love. By developing practical and social skills and gaining interests and talents, young people will enjoy themselves and get a real sense of achievement. If they’re interested in a specific field, this could be the perfect chance to do something related to it. They’ll grow their confidence and show they’re committed, motivated and can rise to a challenge.

Example activities include:

  • First aid club
  • School production (on or off the stage)
  • Playing a musical instrument

The ‘Ideas Tile’ at the bottom of this page offers additional ideas for Skill, Physical and Volunteering ideas.


Getting into the great outdoors and spending a night away with friends – a DofE expedition gives young people lifelong memories. As part of a small team, they will plan their aim, choose their location, do some training to make sure they're prepared and know what they are doing. The expedition will improve resilience, communication, teamwork and leadership skills. They might come home with a rucksack full of washing — and experiences they won’t forget. 

  • At Deptford Green the expedition part of the award will only be offered to those who have completed a minimum of two other part of the award (Volunteering, Physical, Skills).
  • To pass the expectation 20 conditions need to be met, click the ‘conditions tile’ at the bottom of this page to view these.
  • Deptford Green School will supply many of the resources required for the expedition, click the at the bottom of this page ‘Equipment tile’ to view these.
  • How to pack your rucksack, click the ‘Rucksack tile’ at the bottom of this page to view this.
  • Example of best foods to pack, click the ‘food tile’ at the bottom of this page to view these.


If you want to know more about the DofE, please visit

Or email Mr Stamp at

Key notices

  • If you need any help Mr Stamp is available in room 210 every Friday between 3.00-3.45
  • DofE expedition training – Every other Friday 3.00-4.00 (compulsory to partake in the expedition)
  • Silver practise expedition - 21-23rd June 2024
  • Bronze DofE expedition - 13-14th July 2024
  • Silver actual expedition – September 2024, date to be confirmed