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Careers Education

Throughout their time at Deptford Green, all students have the opportunity to participate in visits, events and activities, designed to increase their knowledge and awareness of future pathways. By engaging in our careers programme, students will leave Deptford Green with an understanding of what they need to attain to achieve their goals and a wealth of life and employability skills, enhancing their prospects and increasing their competitive edge.  

Career, Education, Information Advice & Guidance

The Baker Clause is an amendment to the Technical and Further Education Act 2017 which states that schools must allow colleges and training providers access to all students to inform them about non-academic routes which are available to them.

The provisions made at Deptford Green School are detailed in the provider access policy which can be found here.

In summary, all students at Deptford Green School have opportunities to learn about different employment sectors, academic and vocational qualifications and apprenticeships through activities including: drop down days, assemblies, tutorials and PSHE, Xello, work experience and careers experience days, post-16 options evening and enrichment activities.

Deptford Green School 2022/2023 Careers Programme

  • Deptford Green School offers a careers hub accessible to all students and open at break, lunchtime and after school.
  • The careers programme will be reviewed in July of every academic year and, if required, revised.
  • We are always interested in developing partnerships and engagement with all stakeholders. If teachers, parents, students, employers or providers and local organisations want further information or would like to contribute to the programme, please get in touch directly with the school’s careers coordinator using the contact details listed below.
  • The careers programme is developed in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.
  • The school’s data tracking system and compass are used to target activities and record, monitor and evaluate the programme. To evaluate activities, students, parents and staff feedback is sought.
  • Feedback is also gathered from employers and other organisations to assess the success of an experience. This ensures we can tailor our careers programme to provide the best experience for both students and partners.

Deptford Green School 2022/2023 Careers Programme

Y7 - Discover and Explore
  • To be aware of the jobs that exist now, in the future and in my local area.
  • To be aware of a range of education and employment pathways.
  • To be aware of LORIC Skills and how they link to my personal development .
Y8 - Learn and Practise
  • To understand how subjects, skills, volunteering and extra- curricular activities link to the world of work.
  • To be able to identify my own skills and preferences and how these relate to different types of work.
Y9 - Aim and Plan
  • To be able to identify my interests, strengths and weaknesses and develop a personal development plan.
  • To be able to recognise and challenge stereotypes and barriers.
Y10 - Experience and Reflect
  • To develop a variety of employability skills and be able to put them into practice.
  • To develop skills needed to transition successfully and independently.
Y11 - Decide and Achieve
  • To identify aspirational and realistic routes into further education and employment.
  • To understand how my achievements, experience and circumstances affect my plans
  • To provide opportunities for alumni to engage with all students and provide realistic FE and careers insights and inspirational advice and motivation.
  • To engage ex-students by providing networking opportunities and continued access to careers information.

Careers Programme Glossary

  • Challenge/ Careers Day – a drop-down/ off timetable day where all students in a year group are introduced to different careers through participation in a range of activities including STEM, Enterprise and Creative and Careers speed-networking. This includes at least one meaningful encounter with an employer.

  • Post-16 Option Event – an evening where Year 11 students and their parents/ carers are introduced to a range of post-16 education providers. Sixth forms, Colleges, E and Apprenticeships providers are welcomed to attend.

  • Y10 Progression Day – an introduction to Level 3 study at Christ The King Sixth Form, Aquinas Campus.

  • GCSE Options Event – a drop-down day where students attend a careers speed-networking event and hear from a range of employers and post-16 providers. The aim is for students to be able to make informed decisions about GCSE option choices.

  • Careers/Pathways Meetings – students in Year 11 receive information, advice and guidance from a qualified careers professional. Students receive personalised action plans that are discussed with their tutors. Students at risk of not going into post-16 education, employment or training will receive a further interview.

  • University Visits Day – students in Year 7 attend a visit to Goldsmiths University where they are introduced to university life and higher education in general. In Year 8 and Year 9, students have the opportunity to visit The University of Sussex and London Universities.

  • Oxbridge Visits and CATALYST – students in Year 9 and Year 10 attend visits and workshops to raise academic aspirations.
Gatsby Benchmark: Examples of Current Practice:
A stable careers programme
  • Work experience programme in Year 10
  • Pastoral programme focusing on developing self-awareness and employability skills
  • GCSE pathways event
  • Year 11 Progression Event
  • Activities recorded and targeted
  • Enterprise Adviser assigned to school
  • Future First Alumni
  • Established Partnerships
  • PSHE Careers Units
  • Careers Newsletter
Learning from career and labour market information
  • Whole school access including parents/carers to START Profile/ digital platforms
  • Display resources
  • Access to Information in Careers Hub
  • Careers activities planned according to LMI and destinations gaps
  • Alumni
  • PSHE Careers Units
Addressing the needs of each pupil
  • LORIC skills tracked and developed for each student in the school
  • Whole school access including parents/carers to digital platforms and online events
  • Pathways event
  • Building Bridges to Careers
  • Work experience programme in Year 10
  • Destinations recorded, tracked and targeted – HPA and pre-NEET work
  • Career and Academic Mentoring
Linking curriculum learning to careers
  • Careers Activities, such as Words for Work or Get into delivered in lesson time
  • Activities, Trips and Visits linked to STEM
  • Financial Literacy
Encounters with employers and employees
  • Year 7 Careers Morning: Challenging Careers Stereotypes
  • Year 8 Enterprise Challenge day
  • Year 9 GCSE Pathways Event
  • Year 10 Employability day
  • Bespoke opportunities with a variety of employers and other organisations
  • Whole school access including parents/carers to START Profile/ digital platform
  • Enterprise Adviser assigned to school
  • Community Apprentice
Experiences of workplaces
  • Offer of virtual placements
  • Bespoke opportunities
  • Taster days offered by providers as and when
Encounters with further and higher education
  • Year 7 taster day at Goldsmiths university
  • Year 8 at Sussex University
  • Colleges and Apprenticeships providers at GCSE Pathways Event
  • Relationship with link college at Oxford
  • Catalyst Project
  • Bespoke university events
  • Post-16 taster days
  • Lewisham Southwark College pre-NEET work
  • Year 11 Progression Event
  • Y10 Progression Day
  • Further taster days and bespoke opportunities as and when
  • Tasters and Residentials
Personal guidance
  • Progression meetings with school staff and independent careers adviser at transition points and for targeted students

Key Dates and Events

Please note that this is not an exhaustive calendar. Due to the range of partnerships and opportunities available, we will regularly add activities or, at times, might have to reschedule.

Regular information is communicated to pupils via tutors, subjects' teachers and heads of year, as well as all other communication channels within school. Parents/carers are informed via letters given to their child and emails and website.

Activity Year Group Time Additional Information
Career in the curriculum sessions Y7 and Y8 Term 2 Construction Youth Trust and employers
Building Bridges to Careers Y11 Oct- July Bespoke programme
EY FUTURE Y11 Oct-July Employability training and Work Experience
With Insight Y9 Term 2 University Mentoring aimed at students of Black Heritage
Work Experience Prep YEAR 10 During registration
Letter sent in September and Information during Parents Evening
CV sessions YEAR 10 3rd October All day External Providers and Volunteers
Work Experience Information Evening YEAR 10 3rd October
Post-16 applications Prep YEAR 11 During registration
Letter sent in September and Information during Parents Evening
POST-16 OPTIONS EVENING YEAR 11 Thursday 17th October 17:00-19:00 Post-16 Providers invited
Envision Community Apprentice Programme YEAR 10 Cohort 1 Sept-Dec
Cohort 2 Jan- May
Meetings every Wednesday after school + 3 workplace visits to our Business Partner MasterCard
Stephen Lawrence GET INTO Careers Programme YEAR 9 & YEAR 10 ONGOING Carers Interviews
Careers in the curriculum workshops and visits once a month
The Brokerage YEAR 10 When available City Employers Visits - Finance, Law and Tech
Mayer Brown YEAR 10 11th November and 30th January Employability Sessions
STEMETTES Y9, 10, 11 When available Girls in STEM Careers Day
Creative Careers Day YEAR 10 27th September Careers Day in Creative Agency
Tech Careers Day YEAR 10 11TH October Tech Careers Day with employers
The University of Sussex Partnership Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10 ONGOING Year 8 students visit the campus
Year 9 students attend academic skills workshop in school
Subject taster days on campus all Year groups
Y10 Residential Summer School
WORK EXPERIENCE YEAR 10 18th-22nd May Year 10 students complete a week long placement. Prep and Reflection and Thank you letter to be completed in registration and PSHE
Individual Interviews All
Year 11
From September Interviews with independent advisor or another key member of staff at key transition points (Y8 & Y11).
Individual interviews offered by referral (students experiencing barriers to learning) or self-referral
Colfe’s and Blackheath High links Y9, Y10 &Y11 ONGOING HPA students invited to:
Apply for sixth form scholarships
Attend subjects’ enrichment sessions
Careers and HE Fair
Oxbridge Information Sessions and visits and Catalyst Project Y8, Y9 & 10 ONGOING Y8 Evening workshop 15th October
Visits dates tbc
University visits Y8,Y9, Y10 ONGOING Taster Days including
UCL- King’s College London, Imperial
Goldsmiths University of London Partnership All ONGOING Year 7 students campus visit and careers activity in June
Gold Futures Mentoring
Saturday Art Clubs: Art and Design or Writing and Talking
Y11 Academic Mentoring
CAREERS DAY Y8 Around GCSE options meetings In school with employers
Employability Day Y10 Date tbc- Before work experience In school: Employability workshops and Careers talks and Mock Interviews
Progression Day Y10 tbc Students attend a local sixth form college, CTK, for taster lessons and Post-16 Decisions workshops
CAREERS DAY Y9 Activities week- Careers Week In school with employers
CAREERS DAY Y7 Activities week- Careers Week In school with employers
Employers visits Y8, Y9, Y10 ONGOING Linked to LMI and subjects areas (To include Creative Industries, Tech and STEM)
Careers Talks All ONGOING In school
Sixth form and College Visits Y11   Based on individual needs
Apprenticeships workshop and application support Y11 Term 2 and 3 In school and external for selected students


Careers Coordinator Celine Nembhard
Direct Phone line 020 8469 4896
Email address
Click here to view the Access Policy