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Year 10 Photography Trip To Ravensbourne Uni

On Tuesday 18th October the new GCSE Photography class were incredibly lucky to spend the day at the amazing Ravensbourne University of Arts working with an exciting local street photographer, Nico Froehlich

The day was a beautiful one, bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine. A perfect autumn day to spend taking photographs on the river. 

The students were firstly wowed by the building itself. So modern and interesting with such a vast and impressive atrium with hundreds of round windows throughout. Nico was delighted to share his favourite street photographers with us all before taking us up to the roof to shoot with DSLR cameras on a manual setting. 

He was impressed with skills of the group- they are only five weeks into the course, so I am a very happy and proud teacher right now!

Once the students had been versed on 'frame within a frame' and how to shoot in a polite but candid, covert way, it was outside to shoot strangers in interesting compositions. You can see from the shots that there is a wealth of talent in our midst's. 

I overheard a few students talking to Hattie, the Ravensbourne outreach coordinator, about possible routes into arts education. She was so informed and motivational, what a great link for us to have.

Thank you to Miss Nembhard for organising the visit and to both Hattie and Nico. Watch this space for our next exhibition!

Please click on our gallery below for a selection of photographs taken by our trainee photographers. Please click the following link for the full selection: 

Miss Thurston