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National Teen Book Club

We have had a fantastic start to the National Online Book Club. 17 students attended the first session and 20 the second.

There have been serious issues getting access to the book, so before it started, Thailiyah in year 11 was kind enough to read some of the first few pages of 'My Name is Leon' by Kit de Waal to the others as many of them had been unable to open the link to the free first couple of chapters.

In both sessions we discussed our favourite characters and genres and a few ideas around the themes of the book. We joined several other schools virtually and got to meet a book critic and author who gave valuable tips around critiquing work and creative writing which is helpful whether you are interested in this as a career or with your GCSE/school work. He also showed us his racing pigeon Ulysses! In the second session we met a book publisher and the exciting thing from that is that she offered the potential of work experience for year 10’s so a couple of our participants are applying through Ms Nembhard and hoping this will work out for them!

Our students have been brilliant as always, and we are all looking forward to next week’s session where we are going to meet another professional in the publishing industry. Well done to all our students who took part and to Speakers in Schools & Ms Nembhard for putting this on for us!