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Afternoon Tea with Ms Thurston

Our second Afternoon Tea with Ms Thurston on Thursday 2nd December had a fantastic turnout and such an enthusiastic and supportive group of parents attended. A big thank you to everyone who came – we are very grateful for your input.

Ms Thurston shared her vision for the direction of the school and her aim to make Deptford Green the top Arts school in the borough which aligns perfectly with our school motto: Explore, Dream, Discover! Ms Thurston also asked specifically for parents who would like to volunteer to work directly with her on the school's arts vision and future artistic developments. If you are reading this, didn’t attend the tea but would like to be a part of this specifically, please contact to find out next steps.

In terms of the potential PTA we had discussed at the last tea, it was agreed that Deptford Green would work better with a 'Friends of Deptford Green' collaborative group model where people can volunteer for various events/fundraising as and when they can. School will send out various ideas that parents have for fundraising/specific events through the newsletter and people can get involved if they are able to take part.  At the tea, the gym (badly in need of new equipment) and library (wall shelving to enable access for greater numbers of students) were both targeted as areas in need of fundraising. In the new year we will work towards an event – suggested by Ms Thurston - where parents teach specific skills to other parents and carers so watch this space after Christmas! Also, a big thank you to Lola in year 7 who made some fantastic cups of tea and coffee and was a real help to everyone! Well done Lola!