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Year 10 Community Apprentices

This week our Y10 Community Apprentice Team travelled to AXA in The City where they presented their project to an audience of business volunteers and other students from across Lewisham.

The judges panel highlighted their creativity and passion for the issue they had chosen to focus on. Their deep commitment to mental health was palpable and their business mentors at Glenmont Partners commented that working with the group over the twelve weeks has resulted in interesting conversations about mental health and well-being in the workplace.

We are very proud that Li’Ana in Y10WA was presented with a Jack Petchey achievement award. Well done Li’Ana!  Her team’s words when read out to the audience triggered a ripple of emotional response across the audience and everyone was really touched.

“Li'Ana is committed to making a difference. From the very start, Liana has continued to put forward "great ideas" and she "has worked hard and always attempted to share her ideas, helping others and no matter what, she contributes trying to do or make of the situation whatever she can if she is struggling to understand it". This is a clear example of Li'Ana's determination and "her demonstrating resilience and supporting others". She is passionate about the social issue project and her team. Her peers applaud her for her bravery because "she is really open about her experiences and how her struggles have affected her". Li'Ana shows "bravery and always shares ideas with the rest of the group". She has "taken charge and showed great leadership skills". Li'Ana is thoughtful and her peers describe her as someone who "works hard" and "has never failed to explain things to me if I don't understand it".  In this way, Li'Ana motivates her team and spreads kindness wherever she goes. She uses initiative, thinks ahead and is always helpful. She welcomes new challenges and opportunities outside of her comfort zone. Li'Ana updated her absent teammates and helped them feel organised and ready to pitch in week 6. She planned ahead and suggested sitting in groups to prepare for the pitch. This is a clear example of how integral Li’Ana is to the team and how she shows compassion towards others. “