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Deptford Green Staff Pantomime

Mariah Fairy comes to Deptford Green!

A small and dedicated group of staff rehearsed for several weeks led by our director Jamie Heelbeck to create the magic of Christmas, oh yes we did!!! But this was no usual Cinderella, downtrodden and needing a man to help her out of the mire. This was a Cinderella who took her life by the collar and shook things up and when Prince Charming turned out not to live up to his name she declared, ’I don’t need no man’ and she embraced her new world order fearlessly.

Mariah Fairy, the godmother on roller skates, did her best to make Cindy’s life better, but Cindy had all the power she needed within herself to make the good times roll. Ugly sisters kicked to the kerb, holding down a job and managing the household, like generations of women before her, strong, empowered and fabulous!!

The Year 7 and 8s enjoyed the show and made all the right noises. Booing the baddies and cheering the goodies along the way. They loved the novelty of their teachers taking a risk and putting on some greasepaint, wigs and the occasional frock to entertain and have a shared laugh. The Year 11s were a more sedate crowd, but enjoyed the show nonetheless. The Christmas spirit soared, loud and clear and true. A new tradition for The Green, an annual panto to usher in the yuletide.

Felicitations to all.