Reward System

Deptford Green School aims to create and to maintain a community which is considerate, and where all interactions involving staff and students are based on mutual respect and good manners.

The school has a compelling reward system for students that will provide strong motivation, for individuals and groups, to meet behaviour and homework expectations, and demonstrate the school values. The rewards system includes the following elements:

Recognition of individual achievement and progress with postcards sent home. Regular, formal awards for achievement and demonstrating school values. Individual and group rewards for regularly meeting behaviour expectations. Special, invitation-only, activities for students who are meeting behaviour and work expectations including trips and special events.

Positive behaviour points are particularly awarded for:

Effort – Behaviour that leads to an outstanding level of focus on learning with the individual doing all that is asked to the very best of their ability.

Enthusiasm - Behaviour that communicates an enthusiasm for learning and for making a positive contribution to school life.

Independence – Behaviour that displays a growing level of self-discipline, demonstrating an ability to work alone and complete tasks to a high standard.Team work – Behaviour that displays the ability to work effectively with others, whilst maintaining a clear focus on the task in hand.

Commitment - Behaviour that displays the individual’s commitment to finishing what they start, whether academic work, membership of a team or participation in an activity.

Community - Behaviour that displays a willingness to make a positive contribution when it is needed and a willingness to support and encourage others in what they do.