Nut Allergy Awareness

Nut Allergy Awareness


  • Raise awareness about allergies to all our school community
  • Ensure we provide a safe learning environment for all
  • Give assurance to those children/families with severe allergies that we take the management of these seriously.


We are not a nut-free school but we aim to be as nut-free as we can. It is impossible to provide an absolute guarantee that no nuts will be brought onto the premises but we will strive to minimise this as much as we can.


We ask that all members of the school community manage the day to day application in the following ways:

  • Parents and carers are requested not to send food to school that contains nuts
  • Staff are requested not to bring food that contains nuts to school
  • Staff will be alert to any obvious signs of nuts being brought in, but they will not inspect all food brought into school.
  • Children should not share food
  • Children will be encouraged to wash hands before and after eating
  • Some staff are trained in understanding and dealing with Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) and will use this training as the need arises
  • Chartwells, our catering provider, has a no nuts and sesame policy


  • This information will be made available on our website
  • This information will be sent home to all parents
  • This information will be sent to staff