Careers in Maths trip to the Bank of Montreal

Careers in Maths Trip to The Bank Of Montreal

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On Friday 6th October, 15 students from the Year 10 Set 1 maths class travelled to Shoreditch to The Bank Of Montreal (B M O) to learn about the use of maths in realistic working environments.

We began by brainstorming ideas of jobs that include maths and require a level of basic maths skills. We were then taught how to conduct ourselves in a professional environment like: introducing ourselves, asking appropriate questions that weren’t too informal and the right pressure in which to shake a hand. We then later practiced these skills by meeting multiple employees of B M O. We interviewed them in groups of three to find out what they worked at in B M O, their past qualifications and what maths skills they use on an everyday basis.

The employees then tested our maths knowledge by giving us multiple word problems that they come across frequently through working at the B M O. The final activity we enjoyed was the trading game that was designed to replicate an investing banking company. Each group of three were a banking company and had an initial budget of £20,000. The task then was to buy and sell shares in companies to gain a profit higher than the other groups. There were six rounds and each round gave us a different set of scenarios for example: Easy Jet’s flights being cancelled or good advertisement campaign for Dove.

Overall it was a fun experience but we learnt a lot about not only the banking industry and how difficult it is, but how our maths knowledge is useful in a working environment. Thank you to the B M O for having us and Ms Nembhard for taking us on such an exciting trip!

Orla Martin 10RO and Natalie Abashidze 10FW