Knife sweep

On Wednesday 4th October, we went with four other students and four police officers including P.C. Arterton from the Metropolitan Police to conduct a knife sweep in the surrounding area around Deptford Green. P.C. Arterton explained to us the importance of searching for knives, drugs and stolen possessions and why it is necessary for safety of our local community. The officers had explained how easily knives and other dangerous objects can be found for example stolen possessions and drugs in bushes, tresses or discarded in plain sight.

We were divided into groups with one officer per group. One police officer talked about the different career options within the police force which was very interesting and informative. One of the police officers was fluent in Spanish and started working for the police straight after she graduated. Some people passing by asked about what we were doing and we handed out police stickers to inform the younger generation.

Although we did not find any knives we found other objects of interest such as: scissors, a scooter (that the police officers believed to be stolen), dirty clothes, a sharp, heavy piece of scrap metal but no weapons per se. Although it wasn’t as successful as planned, Connor Howes did find a five pound note and was able to keep it because the police said it wasn’t traceable to the original owner.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the knife sweep and we’re glad we were able to help the local community.
A big thank you to Mrs Hope for taking the photos and assisting students on the trip. Thank you to Ms. Bygrave and the officers who gave us the opportunity!

Natalie Abashidze 10FW
Orla Martin 10RO
Robyn Jeram 10R0