End of Year News: Year 9 Highlights

Our year 9 cohort has had a wonderful year, full of opportunity, new experiences and holistic progression into young adulthood.

Since September our classes have been completing GCSE level work in core and newly chosen subjects. So many have made above and beyond expected levels of progress and should be extremely proud of themselves.

Along the way we have had a large variety of exceptional extra-curricular enrichment. We crowned our first ever Masterchef winner in Fernanda who blew the tasters away with an exceptional display of refined culinary skill. Ms. Roye’s form group took a clean sweep of both the Boys and Girls Tutor Championships and the grand trophies will therefore adorn their classroom until next year’s competition is complete.

It was the first year that we had a mixed gender Handball round which was fantastically competitive and a real success.

Year 9 have also been rewarded with raffle tickets for ‘outstanding contributions to lessons’. The lucky 40 pupils whose names were drawn were treated to a place on a Paintballing trip in Sidcup, Kent. The pupils behaved wonderfully well and despite the odd bruise, a great time was had by all.

Many of our pupils have been honing their musical skills and we can now boast some very high grade drummers and steel pan players. We are hoping to see this creative, artistic side to many of the year group in the upcoming talent show!

As our pupils are maturing so well, many have been given the responsibility of being part of the student leadership team. This will involve supporting our new year 7s through their transition In September and they all had a chance to meet their prospective tutees at the induction day held recently. They all welcomed our newest cohort exceptionally well, representing the school with pride and demonstrating why they were given their roles after a rigorous application and interview process.

The entire year group also took part in a careers day this half term. It was not only a chance for them to work with people that they wouldn’t normally work with, but also gave them an opportunity to think about themselves in terms of employability. Everyone excelled and the day was an outstanding success. Going forward, it is important that the year group keep their employability skills and traits in their minds as they continue their progression towards work experience next year.

Our 9s have also taken part in wonderful school productions and sporting competitions. There is still so much more to come from this year group and as long as they remain focused and apply themselves, we will have lots more highlights of the year to write about around this time next year.

Mr. Couzins – Head of Year 9