End of Year News: Year 7 Highlights

As the end of the academic year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon the positive start our year 7s have made to their time at Deptford Green. Firstly, the form representatives Mia, Finn, Anouk, Campbell, Yemi, Sylvan, Diora, Joseph, Ferdia, Nur, Freddie, Dot and Feden have been excellent, helping to bring positive change to our school.

Since the year began, PE enrichment has been full to the brim with year 7s representing the school in handball, football and basketball. Furthermore, some pupils were selected to represent the school in athletics with Kyle Moore excelling as a Lewisham Champion. Romoy and Mia  have done excellent jobs as Sport Leaders and were recently rewarded with the opportunity to attend a day at Wimbledon.

The whole of year 7 took part in the ‘First Give’ Project and one stand out group lead by Dot Lee won £1000 for their chosen charity.
A large number of year 7s have been selected for roles in this year’s drama productions. In music a number of year 7s regularly attend open mic night with Nur Redha frequently singing songs; it takes a great deal of courage to stand up and perform in front of everyone but she did this successfully. They also had the opportunity to take part in a workshop at the Laban centre.

Library leader Sylvan has been a tremendous help to Ms Walker and is an asset to the whole group with Leila  just joining the team this week. Ms Walker has also worked closely with Campbell, Dot, Ruby , Zara Abigail Kidane, Anouk Watts-Nielsen, Leila, and Kayla on the Carnegie Shadowing Scheme where they joined students from different year groups and read 8 shortlisted books chosen by librarians and authors around the country and discussed them together and voted on their favourite. Their commitment and reading stamina was outstanding.

Year 7s lead by Melisha and Yemi hosted a conference as part of their on-going work with the Jimmy Mizen Foundation. With all these great stories and a continued increase in our effort in lessons I am very excited to see what year 8 will bring for the cohort.

Mr Walker – Head of Year 7