Black history month at DGS

Last night Deptford Green School celebrated Black History month, with cultural evening of musical performances from students and staff, poetry and a fashion show for the finale. Book stalls, African jewellery, curried goat and rice & peas were on sale. Black History Month is an international annual month, celebrating, recognising and valuing the inspirational individuals and events from within the BME communities. During Black History Month, we remember and celebrate the important people from the past and also who contribute to and help our society today. There was much laughter, clapping and enjoyment as well being emotionally moved by singers and their lyrics. Positive comments from the audience were: 

“It was brilliant!”

“Amazing singers”

“What a variety of talent in this school”


Black History Month in the UK is marked annually during the month of October and in the USA during the month of February, with important reference to the Black society. Black History Month UK went from receiving a kind-hearted response to being a national celebration to BHM UK individuals, shaping history as it stands today. BHM lays out important dates in history, both celebrates and remembers the people who contributed to a more equal and progressive society.

So why do we celebrate Black History Month? Celebrating Black History Month honours the Historic Leaders of the Black Community. Celebrating Black History Month provides an opportunity to highlight the best of black history and culture, Celebrating Black History Month creates awareness for all people and celebrating Black History Month reminds us all that black History Is OUR History.

By Miss H. Jones

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