Help with exam stress

Year 11 Emotional well-Being group: Focusing on Exam Stress

Table of contents:

• Why do some students get anxious and not others
• Why exams can make students anxious
• What is anxiety
• How much anxiety is too much
• Discovering the cause of your exam anxiety
• How do to get rid of your exam anxiety
• The effects of exams on your behaviour
• Setting up a peer study group
• Planning and managing your time
• Setting realistic goals
• How to make a revision timetable
• Revising while coping with crisis or a major event in your life
• How to get a good night sleep
• Familiarising yourself with exam details
• What to do in the exam room to stay calm and focused
• What to do before a morning and afternoon exam
• My exams have arrived.
Facilitated by Ms Reid, school based counsellor, Every Wednesday mornings in room 112

Exams: Exam Stress

Most students get stressed during exams, it is important not to let it get out of control: The Emotional well-Being group is a weekly intervention programme that supports disengaged students who are experiencing exam related stress and anxiety: The aim of the group is to help students change their thinking, feelings and behaviour with regards to exams.

Facilitated by Ms Reid, school based counsellor, every Wednesday mornings in room 112.

To find out more you can email Ms Reid