Envision At Deptford Green School

Envision at Deptford Green School

Year 10 students complete their first challenge as Community Apprentices.

On 13th February a group of 15 students from Year 10 completed their first challenge as part of Envision’s Community-Apprentice competition: the Awareness Raising Challenge. Team Endurance are supporting Settle, a charity which tackles the causes of youth homelessness through a three-part programme consisting of tenancy mentoring, consultancy and life skills training.

The team raised awareness of the importance of Settle’s work through an assembly to the year 9s, highlighting the work of Settle and the role they play in preventing youth homelessness. They also planned a quiz and a drama piece which they plan to use later in the programme in order to spread awareness. The team did a great job, gaining confidence through speaking to new students, thinking creatively and working together.




 The competition so far

The team are halfway through their 13-week journey on the Envision programme. Having just completed the first of three challenges as Community Apprentices, they will be taking on the Fundraising Challenge and Pitching Challenge in the next few weeks.

As well as developing their own skills, the programme requires students to work effectively in teams to make their challenges a success.

Team Endurance are in competition with four other schools. The team that can demonstrate that they have shown the best use and development of determination, confidence and teamwork as well as overall commitment to the programme, will be crowned the “Community Apprentice Champions” and will win an extra £500 for their charity.

Exposure to the workplace

Each school is partnered with its very own business, who invite the students to their offices and volunteer their time to guide and encourage the team with their projects and encourage them to develop the skills employers are looking for.

The team with their business partner, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

In the last mentoring session, the Community Apprentices worked with their Business Mentors to develop ideas for their fundraising challenge that will take place at their workplace in Spring. As well as offering them guidance with project planning, the mentors provide the students with examples of how to develop key skills of teamwork, confidence and determination, reinforcing how valuable these skills are in their own jobs and when accessing the workplace in general.

The next Business Mentoring session will take place on Monday 25th March, where the team will have an hour to deliver their fundraising activities, putting their newly developed skills of confidence and teamwork into practice by raising as much money as possible for Settle. They will also do a presentation to the wider organisation at DCMS to inform them about their experience on Envision’s Community-Apprentice programme. This will prepare them for their final challenge on 29th April, the Pitching Challenge, where they will go head to head with four other schools. But, there can only be one winner!