Message regarding GCSE results


Dear Year 11 Parents and Students,

The Department of Education have now published details of the November exam series.

To clarify, following the cancellation of this year’s summer exams and the assigning of Centre Assessed Grades, students are entitled to sit a real exam in November if they are not happy with the grade they have received. If a student did not receive a grade 4 or above in English or Maths, it is the responsibility of their new college to enter them for these exams. However, if a student is not happy with any other result, Deptford Green will enter you for these exams if they wish to take them.

Please be aware that the school cannot offer any further support with exam preparation, and registering for the entry of an exam will require students to prepare for it themselves. Due to the current situation, that students will have to physically sit the exam in another college within the London Borough of Lewisham. Please see the below link for further information.

Please also note that the deadline for entry for any exam is 17th September 2020.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Allen


Posted 01.09.2020

Dear GCSE Students,

I hope you have all received your GCSE grades. As I’m sure you have read in the news, a last minute change meant that teacher assessed grades were used. The school awarded grades (known as CAGs - Centre Assessed Grades) which were based on a range of evidence, including PPEs (mock exams), in-class assessment and any other evidence the school had regarding attainment. The grades were very carefully considered, and many hours went in the ensuring we awarded what was fair and realistic. A number of people were involved in the process, including class teachers, Heads of Faculty, The Senior Leadership Team, and our data team who work with a large number of schools. We are therefore confident that our CAGs really did reflect each student’s most likely outcome.

Please read the OFQUAL document below, which gives clear guidance about what to do if you are concerned about any of the grades you have been awarded. From a school point of view, we can check if the grade awarded by the exam board matches the CAG we provided. Is is very unlikely that these will differ, as they have been run through a system to ensure they are the same. Please email if you would like us to check this for you. Please be specific about the particular subjects you are concerned about. It is important that you do not email teachers regarding the results and instead email with all your concerns.


Please continue to check the school website for updates on the November 2020 exam series.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Allen