Deptford Green Curriculum 2018+


The curriculum is crucial in ensuring that the school is moving towards all of the following in the next 3 years:
Progress and attainment are strong, positive and consistent
Groups of students currently underperforming achieve a positive Progress 8 score
Progress made by all students is consistently positive
Destination data is at least in line with the national average
All students will have secured appropriate progression
Students select appropriate subjects and every department enables students of all abilities to make progress
Enrichment experiences offer a wide-range of opportunities and engages the majority of students

Vision and aims:

At Deptford Green, students will always remain at the centre of what we do as we strive for the highest standards of:

  • academic progress
  • delivery of the cultural bedrock of subject knowledge
  • personal development
  • cultural awareness
  • leadership skills
  • equality of opportunity.

These will be delivered through our curriculum which encourages students to participate in a wide variety of activities so that all Deptford Green students become successful, resilient and compassionate learners who have experienced a broad range of subjects, activities and have participated in challenging environmental visits. The delivery of these aspirations will also be integral to our extra-curricular activities.

The curriculum will ensure that Deptford Green meets its aspirations of:

  • Creating a dynamic learning community in which all students are motivated to achieve academic excellence.
  • Students making a positive contribution to both the school community and the wider community that we serve.
  • Students are prepared for a happy and productive adult life.

The curriculum will be a broad and balanced one that opens students’ minds to the world around them, starting at a local level before developing our young people into truly global citizens who will have the opportunity to savour as many different activities, sites and subjects as possible.

Our students need to become flexible in both their learning and their ability to deal with a society in which technological advances will mean that they will be employed in careers that are yet unknown and constantly changing. Our curriculum will provide the building blocks for educational progression into KS4 and for post 16 in whatever form that may take for Deptford Green students.

The curriculum needs to be engaging, personalised, challenging, enjoyable and relevant to students and their futures. It will provide a plethora of opportunities for students to study new topics, visit new places and undergo new experiences. It needs to offer a wide range of appropriate qualifications for all students. It will be clearly mapped with links between subjects and disciplines made evident and referred to. The curriculum needs to be affordable and sustainable, with contingency planning included, anticipating potential challenges it may face. It also needs to be reviewed at least yearly as we respond to changes both within the school and external influences.

Cross-curricular vision

The delivery of the curriculum is not limited to developing subject skills and knowledge, but will continue to enable students to develop in life-long learning skills and attributes including:

  • Literacy, numeracy and oracy
  • Creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking
  • Independence and research skills
  • Extra-curricular activities and competitions
  • Local, national, international and global issues
  • Promoting community involvement and consideration for others
  • Progression routes and employability skills
  • Understanding and maintaining healthy lifestyles including mental health and staying safe.
  • SMSC/Prevent/British values
  • Leadership skills

The pathways to developing these skills include:

  • Subject lessons
  • PSHE lessons
  • Enrichment experiences
  • Assemblies and tutor time
  • Delivery of the pastoral curriculum
  • Mentoring, counselling, meetings and referrals
  • Trips, visits and guests, including guest speakers
  • The use of outside agencies
  • Work experience

All of these aspects of the Deptford Green Curriculum will ensure that all students are engaged in their learning, make excellent levels of progress, have access to the widest range of subjects and experiences and are able to leave the school with a wide range of educational and career paths open.

  • The curriculum needs to ensure that the Deptford Green teaching and learning principles are adhered to and so lessons should include:
  • A purposeful starter with a challenging lesson objective and measurable outcomes
  • Questioning that is based on ‘cold calling’ and stretches all students
  • An independent working section including extended writing/performance opportunities
  • Development of core knowledge and skills
  • A focus on literacy and key words
  • Progress and understanding checks and AfL opportunities.
  • All of these will be delivered regularly in lessons where teachers are modelling expectations and good practice with high expectations of students.


  • Curriculum Breakdown
  • Assessment Breakdown
  • Subjects
  • Challenging More Able Students
  • Health and Social Care