Staff Contact Details

& Who's who? 

Secondary schools are often much larger than primary schools. At Deptford Green there are a number of different staff that will be involved in your child’s education alongside the form tutor and subject teachers.

At Deptford Green School the Headteacher is Mr M. Phillips. He can be contacted by emailing his PA


Mr Phillips is supported by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) which consists of:



Role  Name
Deputy Head Ms Cummings
Deputy Head Mr Moore
Assistant Head Mr Allen
Assistant Head Ms Bygrave
Assistant Head Mr Paish
Assistant Head  Ms Stanghon



Our Student Services Team made up of the Heads of Year and Pastoral Leaders who support them:


Year Group  Head of Year Pastoral Leader
Head of Year 7  Mr Walker Ms Taylor
Head of Year 8  Ms Forrest Ms Samms
Head of Year 9 

Mr Couzins

Ms Nancy Cavill

Ms Samms 
Head of Year 10  Ms Morris Ms Coffey 
Head of Year 11 Mr Glynn Ms Coffey


A whole staff list can be found below:

Please note to email staff use their first initial and last name and follow it with


Legal Forename Legal Surname Role
Saleem Abdulraman Peripatetic Music Teacher (Drums)
Alexander Adeosun Science Teacher (Trainee) 
Yasmin Ahmad English Teacher 
Tim Allen Assistant Headteacher
Luis Fabian Almeida Ortiz LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Anthony Amber Mentor
Cynthia Amegadzie Head of Maths
Philipe Anatsui Head of Science
Ngozi Aniagwu Maths Teacher (Unqualified)
Lynn Ascott Attendance and Safeguarding Officer
Lois Barradell English Teacher (NQT)
Bilgin Bekayi Lettings Attendant
Huseyin Bekayi Lettings Attendant
Mary Bertram Administration Officer
Davidson Bertrand LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Jordan Bolton LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Lewis Borland Peripatetic Music Teacher (Saxophone)
Margaret Bosa Science Technician
Lee Burton LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Rizwan Butt RE/Sociology Teacher
Jackie Bygrave Assistant Headteacher
Sarah Caltagirone Head of MFL (Modern Foreign Language)
Zoe Calvert MFL Teacher
Natasha Cameron Head of Inclusion/SENCO
Charlotte Carson Head of Citizenship
Nancy Cavill Head of Art/Photography 
Gurvinder Chana D&T Technician
Kamarl Charles-Reid LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Josephine Clovis MFL Teacher
Amy Coffey Pastoral Leader (Years 10-11) /Deputy Safeguarding Officer
Gemma Courtney Head of Administration 
Joseph Couzins Head of Year 9/PE Teacher
Claudia Cristaldi Maths Teacher
Rebecca Cummings Deputy Headteacher
Susan Deacon Head of DRB (Dyslexia)
Jenny Dixon Administration Officer
Alexander Edwards Science Teacher
Marwan Elboury Science Teacher
Diana Essilfie-Bondzie LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Sarah Fawdry Science Teacher
Francisco Fernandez English Teacher
Laura Fernandez Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Monique Forrest Head of Year 8 / Maths Teacher
Kimberly Forster English Teacher
Dean Fudge English Teacher
David Glyn Head of Year 11 / Geography Teacher
Naomi Gordon Administration Officer
Charles Hall Peripatetic Teacher
Caroline Harrison Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Thomas Haswell History Teacher (NQT)
Sam Hawkesford History Teacher
Rachael Haynes Administration Officer
Adam Hewson Geography Teacher
Ebilayefa Hill History Teacher
Dawn Hope Cover Supervisor
Louise Hurley Head of Drama
Lula Ismail Science Teacher
Janey Joauvel Citizenship Teacher / RE/Sociology
Jusvinder Kaur LSA (Learning Support Assistant)
Andy Knight Science Teacher
Rohan Lewis Repgrographics Technician
Donato Manfredi Joint Head of EAL
Ann Manning SEN Teacher
Matthew McLavy Peripatetic Music Teacher (Trumpet)
Kudakwashe Mika Computing Teacher
Phil Moore Deputy Headteacher 
Isabelle Morgan Peripatetic Music Teacher (Violin)
Sharon Morris Head of Year 9/ Maths Teacher
Patrick Morrison Peripatetic Music Teacher (Guitar)
Edmund Ndebele Maths Teacher
Desrine Nelson Peripatetic Music Teacher (Steel Pans)
Celine Nembhard Careers  Officer
Janine Neubronner Receptionist
Robert O'Halloran Director of Finance and Resources
Ian Paish Assistant Headteacher 
Eugenia Pereira Learning Support Assistant 
Mark Phillips Headteacher
Alice Player Head of English
Rebecca Power Reprographics Assistant 
Bryan Ramsay Specialist Leader in Education 
Katherine Reading Head of Geography
Claudia Reid Pastoral Leader 
Ben Rew Literacy Coordinator / English Teacher
Maria Rizou Joint Head of EAL
Joseph Rodney Art Teacher
Michael Rogers Head of Music
Denise Roye D&T Teacher
Tanya Sabeva Senior Science Technician
Lisa Samms Pastoral Leader (Years 8-9)
Alusine Sankoh Head of Mathematics
Lucia Scannelli Head of Textiles
Emmanuel Scheer Administration Officer
Lavern Smith Learning Support Assistant 
Solomon St Luce AV Technician
Emily Stanghon Assistant Headteacher
Adam Stewart Music Teacher
Angela Tarr Learning Support Assistant 
Lynn Taylor Pastoral Leader (Year 7)
Richard Thornhill Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Bradley Ticknell-Smith Data and Examination Manager
David Ticknell-Smith Head of Operations
Mohamed Tounkara Maths Teacher
Hannah Townsend English Teacher
To Lien Tran Specialist Leader in Education 
Tom Unia Music Teacher
Fraser Walker Head of Year 7 / PE Teacher
Tracy Walker School Librarian
Delecia Watson Food Technology Teacher
Tom Watts English Teacher
Miranda Williams Head of RE / Sociology
Shawana Williams Student Patrol
Keely Wilson English Teacher
Jonathan Wilson Peripatetic Music Teacher (Piano)
Whitney Young-Beke English/Drama Teacher (NQT)
Shahnaz Zarif Head of History