Textiles: Art & Design pathway

The course is open to all pupils of all abilities. All pupils

What will I make?      You will use many different textile techniques to create personal work from your own design ideas. This includes Dyed Textiles, Printed Textiles and Constructed Textiles; weave, stitch and more experimental surface design techniques.

You will learn to draw using the sewing machine adding texture, tone and decorative features to your images. Students are encouraged to experiment with ideas, working both in 2D and 3D, producing outcomes for the body or built environment: soft furnishings, book covers, decorative hangings & installations and stand-alone forms.

We aim to encourage all students to become independent and inspired learners through gallery visits, research and guided planning.

"I get to be creative, so say you can’t do a certain skill, you can find something else to work with that you are good at.”  Year 9 student. 

have studied Fine Art and Art/Textiles at KS3 and have had experience of using art materials and processes. Most interests and skills can be explored in this examination course and you will be rewarded for what you know, can do, and understand.

EDEXCEL: 5TE02 GCSE in Art and Design: Textile Design
• Foundation unit
• Unit 1: Personal Portfolio in Art and Design – 60% of the total GCSE
• Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment in Art and Design – 40% of the total GCSE
Both units are assessed using four assessment objectives. These can be summed up as:


What is Art and Design: Textiles?    Art and Design endorsed Textiles is a visual and creative subject which allows students to learn about the work of contemporary and historic artists and designers and relate this to the development of their own skills as artists. Textiles (Fabrics and Threads) are the medium through which students will draw, design, experiment and investigate in response to a theme or title.

What will I learn?  You will be working from direct observations using a range of media. Pupils will learn to identify their own strengths and areas for development throughout the course. The main aim of the courses on offer is to develop your visual language skills and for you to build a personal portfolio of work to progress to further courses or employment.

"There is no limit to what you can create or do. Your given ideas and then you’re allowed to take it wherever you want, make it your own.” Year 9 student.