We aim to create a lively and informative learning environment. Key skills are developed in Year7-8 enabling many students to take Art Textiles GCSE and produce high quality art work.

In the classroom

We aim to create a lively and informative learning environment that is able to cater equally for the needs of all students. The displays of student work, the use of resource based stimuli and an ‘open door policy’ create a learning environment where students are encouraged to experiment and explore.

Students are expected to extend their work as much as possible and not settle for what could be the easiest option. The approach towards problem solving, reflection and evaluation is to encourage a personal response from students, using their own cultural experiences as a means of expression. We benefit from a large specialist textiles room and aim to offer a vibrant, diverse and inspirational working environment, where students’ creative energies can be realised.

Academic profile

We aim to maintain a high academic profile both inside and outside of the classroom by means of participation in whole school events for parents, students and staff. Much of the work on display around the school is produced by students studying Textiles: Art and Design, so our students work is always on display for the whole school community. Each year we hold a visual arts event, exhibiting an extensive range of outcomes from our student artists and designers.

A significant number of students go on to follow a textiles art and design course at GCSE level and the subject area has an outstanding level of achievement.