Deptford Green Actors Company Reviews

"I had to write and tell you how astoundingly good I found the production of The Crucible. It was superbly staged, with brilliant costume and music. But the acting was of the highest quality I have ever seen in the school. The drama department under your leadership is outstanding and the talent in the students has been developed to such a high level, it is a joy to see. Thank you for all your investment in our children, they are truly lucky to have such a brilliant teacher!" Year 11 and Year 8 students' parent 2017"

"Ever since my child has been in the school, 4 years now, I have come to see every performance that you have put on and every time I leave absolutely blown away by what you are doing"

"The plays that you chose are fantastic, varied, at times challenging and at others light hearted. I felt that putting on the Crucible was very brave and so appropriate for our times"

"The set design is astounding ( I sense that I will run out of adjectives in this email) - always simple with an ability to transport the audience from a school hall to wherever the play takes place."

"The music is fantastic, from what the pupils say it helps to connect them to the play creating the right atmosphere with a modern medium."

"The casting feels fabulously inclusive, with pupils of all abilities being able to participate and following from last nights performance you have some incredibly talented pupils"

"I know from my child, who is quite shy, that the plays have been a moment where they are able to meet other pupils, where age and difference don't matter - where they are supportive and encouraging of each other."

"BUT whilst all this is amazing and leaves me so happy that my children go to Deptford Green the aspect that I am most impressed by is that you both find and make the time to put on such an incredible performance not once but TWICE a year."

"So, I wanted to thank you both whole heartedly for the time that you both give, to provide not only the pupils with a fabulous experience but their parents also. Several of us had tears in our eyes following last nights performance."