At the bottom of this page you will find Deptford Green School's latest Ofsted report (4th and 5th May 2016) and a copy of the monitoring report. (December 2016)

A copy of the letter emailed to parents on 24th May 2016 is below. The report was also discussed during May's parent forum.

Dear Parent /Carer,

The report for the Ofsted inspection that was carried out on 4th-5th May is available for you to read here.

Any parent or carer wishing to be given a hard copy of the report can request it at the school reception.

Two key headlines from the report which I am sure will come as no surprise to the majority of you are that:

Any parent or carer wishing to be given a hard copy of the report can request it at the school reception. Two key headlines from the report which I am sure will come as no surprise to the majority of you are that:

  • Pupils’ personal development and welfare is seen as a high priority by all staff. Pupils are known very well and there are strong links with parents and the community. Consequently, many pupils feel safe and well cared for and thrive.
  • Many pupils work hard and have high aspirations. They show respect and tolerance towards each other and are keen to celebrate differences in this diverse learning environment.

These two points are a strong reflection of the very positive ethos that exists at Deptford Green School and the immense commitment shown by all staff to securing the best outcomes for all of our students.

Whilst the report acknowledges the great progress made at the school over recent years it also, quite rightly, identifies what we need to do over the next twelve months to continue on our journey to becoming an ‘outstanding’ school. It was recognised by the inspection team that the developments that are currently underway are the right things to be doing and that we are well positioned to make very rapid progress towards our goals.

This school is very lucky to have an exceptionally strong and stable staff and it is my duty to ensure that they are given the right support to enable them to do the great job that they set out to do every day and the recommendations on page 2 of the report set the agenda for me and the senior team working alongside me:

  1. The already underway installation of new computer softwear will make the assessment process easy to manage and ensure that data is easily accessible to our teachers.
  2. Our new arrangements on Wednesdays and the allocation of specific professional development periods for teachers will support teachers in sharing best practice and collaborate more when planning and assessing students’ work.
  3. Changes have already been made to our curriculum including the offer of a second language to more able students in Year 8 and the formal inclusion of Triple Science in Key Stage 4.
  4. A group of staff have already drafted a new Behaviour Policy that has addressed our need to continue to reduce low level disruption to lessons.
  5. Although the school has above average attendance rates we are already very focused on improving the attendance of the very small group of students who still are not attending regularly enough.

As you already know I am re-introducing the role of Head of Year to Deptford Green and we have now appointed a very strong team of existing staff members to take on this important role that will give a strong focus to the progress of each year group in the school.

New roles and responsibilities have already been allocated to the Senior Leadership team, and through our new arrangements for Wednesday training Heads of Department will have much greater opportunity to support the work of their teams.

We have a new governing body in place now. One of their first actions was to appoint a new Headteacher. They have already had a strong impact on the school and are providing me with both the support and challenge needed to maintain a strong pace for improvement. As we move forward, I know that they will relish the opportunity to evaluate their progress and working practices in order to ensure that they have maximum impact on the schools future progress.

Yours sincerely

Mr M. Phillips

Ofsted Report May 2016
Monitoring Visit (section 8) Dec 2016