Deptford Green specialises in Humanities, with English, Citizenship and Drama as our specialist subjects. We were pleased to be one of the first Humanities colleges in the country.

The central aim of our Humanities specialism is to nurture articulate students who are able to think critically, learn independently and express their opinions clearly. Our students have a real sense of involvement and agency, and their loyalty to the school reflects this.

We have a national reputation for our Citizenship innovations. Our emphasis on developing the students' voice pervades all aspects of school life. Our student council plays an active role in the life of the school. Students are trained as peer mediators and actively support harmonious relationships in all areas of the school.

We have purpose built facilities for drama. The drama productions are a hub of activity and excitement that bring the school community together.

Our excellence in English means that we have a linguistically rich curriculum. We develop good practice throughout the curriculum, particularly in cross-curricular literacy.

Specialising in Humanities does not mean that we do not concentrate on the other subjects in the National Curriculum. The good practice that we develop is applied to the whole curriculum.