The school continues to make good progress through its termly monitoring visits. 

Headlines from the HMI monitoring visit 11th-12th March:


  • More students are making more rapid progress, especially in Maths and Science.
  • The sixth form is being well led and the progress of sixth form students is improving rapidly.

The quality of teaching:

  • Teaching and the quality of marking are improving.
  • Good teaching and progress were seen in English, Maths, Science, Art, textiles and DT.

Behaviour and Safety:

  • Students are unanimous that behaviour has improved significantly.  The number of fixed-term exclusions is continuing to decline significantly.
  • Students confirm that any type of bullying is increasingly rare.

The quality of leadership in and management of the school:

  • The executive headteacher and senior leaders are continuing to raise expectations and aspirations of students and staff.
  • Messages are unequivocal about the expectations concerning high standards of behaviour, student uniform and attendance.

Previous LA visit:

On the 12th and 13th December, the school was visited by a team from the Local Authority who evaluated all aspects of school performance.  This was a very positive and constructive process.  The feedback from the team of visitors included the following comments:

Teaching and Learning: 

  • The large majority of teaching over time is now good or better.
  • Students have positive attitudes to learning and teachers expect them to do their best work.


  • Good and improved achievement across most subjects. 
  • Achievement of students in the 6th form is good.


  • Students’ behaviour is good around school.  They are polite, engaging and welcoming.
  • Students from Year 7 to 13 praise the quality of education and they are confident that they will achieve and are well looked after.

Leadership and management:

  • Leaders have systematically and rigorously set about tackling improvements and there is a palpable sense of pride and achievement expressed by staff and students.
  • SLT and MLT work together successfully to tackle weaknesses.


This LA visit followed the HMI monitoring visit on the 1st – 2nd October.  Some statements from this visit included:

Teaching and Learning:

  • Students take pride in their work and were keen to show inspectors their improvements.
  • Good teaching was characterised by questioning to probe students’ understanding.


  • The achievement of students in their GCSE results shows improvement.
  • The inclusion of vocational courses is enabling students to access courses that are suited to their needs and do well as a result


  • There is a positive atmosphere in the school that is supporting improvements in behaviour.
  • Teachers have high expectations of students’ behaviour in lessons.

Leadership and Management:

  • Senior and middle leaders are setting high expectations of teachers to improve their work.
  • The educational expertise and determination of the IEB is coming to the fore in challenging senior leaders to bring about rapid improvement.