Common questions that parents ask are:

How do I apply for a place?

If you are in Year 6 secondary school applications end on 31st October annually. Parents must complete the online form on www.eadmissions.org.uk

I don't live that locally. Will I get a place?

It is impossible for a school to know in advance how many people will apply or how many people who live further away will be able to obtain a place.

We have no set catchment area, and due to our location at the edge of Lewisham, Southwark and Greenwich boroughs, about 30% of students attend  from outside of Lewisham borough. 

The most effective way of gaining a place is to put us as your first choice. Despite a large increase in applications in recent years, Lewisham has been so far able to give every first choice applicant a place here.

My child has a statement for SEN. Will I get a place?

Your family, your primary school and Lewisham SEN should be working together to find the most appropriate school for your child. To see the SEN provision in Lewisham go to http://www.lewishamlocaloffer.org.uk/#/

When will I know if I have a place?

Parents are notified by email by their borough on 1st March annually. We will also then write to you to invite you to a Welcome Evening.

When do I have to accept my place by?

Most boroughs want you to accept your place by mid March, although some boroughs no longer need you to do this. Read your offer email carefully to ensure you accept on time.

How do I accept my place at your school?

Log in to your eadmissions account and click to accept your place. Some boroughs, including Southwark, are no longer requiring this step and your place is simply confirmed unless you have any reason to contact them on it.

I did not get a school I wanted, how do I change to apply to your school now?

Further details on formal appeals to schools in order to gain your higher preference can be found on your borough's website. Please be aware that very few appeals are upheld annually in Lewisham.

Each year we have people contacting us as they want to turn down the place that they have been offered in order to then apply as a late application to Deptford Green School. Please contact your borough by email in writing stating your application reference number, child's name and date of birth if you wish to do this. However, you may be added to a waiting list depending on whether we have spaces or not.

What do I need to do after I accept my place?

Once  you accept your place at Deptford Green on eadmissions you will be asked to complete and return asap. This gives the school more details about emergency phone numbers, medical details etc. Only once this is received will we be able to start creating a tutor group, class groups and timetable for your child.

What else will happen after we have a place?

As well as the Welcome Evening we hold an Induction Day on the first Tuesday in July. This will also involve a parent information session. This day will involve some level checking online tests to enable us to arrange mixed ability and set class groups. Setting occurs in maths, science and a literacy support group is created. The data from these tests will be compared to the Primary School data that then arrives and will be regularly reviewed.

You will receive a pamphlet guide called Starting Secondary at Deptford Green. This key booklet will have details of all the main points on school life such as school uniform, term dates and times of the school day.

On the first days in September only Year 7 child will attend the school to give them space and time to settle in, find their way around and make new friends.