We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with a leading local independent school Colfe's.

Colfe's is one of the leading independent schools in the area and works with us on a range of projects and cross-curricular activities to enhance learning and further raise standards.  Our highest achieving students are able to apply for scholarships to the 6th form at Colfe's.

A partnership of this kind, leads the way in terms of collaborative working, between the Private and Public sectors.  It is part of the overall strategy to ensure students at Deptford Green enjoy the very best educational experience.

The aims of the Colfe's Scholarship offer we have here is to:

  • raise standards of attainment and achievement for all students.
  • extend the subjects and enrichment activities available both in and outside of the classroom.
  • ensure that our students make a positive contribution to the college and wider community.
  • ensure that our students have the necessary skills to succeed in their future studies and career.

Students in Year 10 who are on track for 5 or more A* at GCSE are recommended to apply for the Colfe's School Sixth Form Scholarship. Many then also attend Colfe's School after school hours for additional classes in subjects such as Latin and Further Maths.

Scholarship offers depend on passing Colfe's School entrance exams which are usually held in October of Year 11. For full scholarships students usually need to qualify for free school meals, though some partial bursaries may also be available depending on annual funding.

For more details about Colfe's School see their website.