Key Parent's evenings for 2016-2017

For parents' evenings, booked appointments start at 4:00 or 4:30 and are as follows:

Wed 09/11/16: Year 11 Parents' Evening

Wed 18/01/17: Year 8 Parents' Evening

Wed 22/02/17: Year 10 Parents' Evening

Wed 10/05/17: Year 9 Parents' Evening

Wed 07/06/17: Year 7 Parents' Evening

Families are given appointment cards at least one week in advance. Please ensure your child is booking the appointments and contact your Head of Year if there are issues.


Wed 21/09/16: Year 7 Meet the Tutor and Head of Year Evening

Wed 19/04/17: Year 8 Options Subject Info Evening. Options 1-1 appointments in week beginning 24/04/17