Our Uniform is:

  1. A black suit style jacket with small Deptford Green logo (compulsory)
  2. A black v-neck pullover with a small Deptford Green logo (optional - non-compulsory)
  3. A white shirt.
  4. A green and black striped tie tied with at least eight stripes showing (compulsory).
  5. Black trousers or skirt (loose fitting, allowing free movement). Skirts should be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
  6. Plain black leather look shoes or boots. No canvas pumps, sandals or trainers.


Jewellery is not permitted except for a single piercing in each ear that must be plain, non-jewelled, gold/silver effect studs. No facial piercings allowed.

Headwear (hats/hoods of coats) of any kind is not permitted in the building unless for religious reasons and then should follow the school colours of black, white or green.

Headwear is only permitted in playgrounds during extreme weather.

Baseball caps and hoodies are not appropriate for school and should not be worn anywhere on site.

Outdoor clothing should be removed immediately upon entering the learning areas of the school.

Make-up and nail varnish, if worn, must be kept to a minimum.

Socks, tights, hair bands and beads must be in the school colours of black, white or green.

Sunglasses are not permitted in school including on top of the head.

Hair dye is not recommended for young people at this age, however if used it should be in natural tones.

PE Kit:

The PE kit comprises of:

  1. Black polo T-shirt with school logo.
  2. Black shorts with school logo or plain black shorts, or plain black jogging bottoms.
  3. Trainers (any colour but which must not be worn until the PE lesson begins)
  4. Black sweater with the school logo (Optional)

Also - students must hand in all mobile phones, wallets and items of value at the start of each PE lesson.

Equipment Requirements:

All students must have a bag with them at all times. It must be suitable for carrying books, their planner and their equipment. Students must have, at the very least, a blue or black pen, pencil and ruler. It is advisable to also have an eraser, coloured pencils, scissors, glue and mathematical equipment. A reading book must be carried by all students.

Mobile Phones/Headphones

Any student seen using a mobile phone/ipod/headphones in lessons will have it confiscated.

Repeat offences may result in detention and a parent being required to attend the school to collect the phone. 

The school is not insured for the loss or damage of students' belongings. Parents are advised to ensure that any items of value brought to school i.e. watches, are covered by their own insurance policy. See note above on PE lesson protocol.

The tie, blazers and PE uniform is available from:

Whitehall Clothiers

244a Lewisham High Street


SE13 6JU

Other items (shoes, trousers, skirts, shirts, jogging bottoms) may be bought from various stores.