Secondary schools are much larger than Primary schools and there are a number of different staff that will be involved in your child’s education as well as  a lot going on.

Keep informed

We ask that parents keep up to date with upcoming dates an events by using the calendar that is emailed out annually and by reading the Gazette. The gazette is emailed to every parent fortnightly. 

Please also check your child's planner for key info on their timetable, their homework and any messages directly from staff.

The timetable states the teacher for each subject.

All emails for all staff are "first initial followed by surname" (except for Mr Phillips who should be contacted via his assistant Ms Anna McCraith.)

General Parent Queries

When you have general questions your main point of contact will be your child's tutor. 

You can do this through the student planner or you can email them a query at any time.

For any concerns you can call or email your Head of Year or Pastoral Leader. To call them dial 020 8691 3236 and press option 3 for students services.


Head   of Year

Pastoral Leader


Mr J   Couzins

Ms Taylor


Ms S   Morris

Ms A Coffey


Mr D   Glynn

Ms A Coffey


Ms A   Player

Ms L Samms


Mr N   Robinson

Ms L Samms

Subject Specific Queries:

Email can be used to contact teachers directly about the subjects they teach your child. Teachers for all subjects are stated on each child's timetable which you can find in their planner and the email address is as stated above

If you have queries in various subjects, it may be best to contact your Head of Year or Pastoral Leader.

Safeguarding and Parent Liaison:

Ms Lynn Ascott is the school's Attendance, Welfare and Safeguarding officer who deals confidentially with any child protection concern from any member of the school community. Please email or dial 020 8691 3236 opt 1

Parents are also welcome to contact our Parent Liaison Leader Ms Tracy Walker for general queries. Ms Walker is a parent of former students as well as working here in the library and on various parental engagement projects and training.

Senior Staff:

The Headteacher is Mr Mark Phillips. He is supported by two Deputy Headteachers, Ms Rebecca Cummings and Mr Phil Moore and Assistant Headteachers Ms Emily Stanghon,  Mr Ian Paish,  Ms Jackie Bygrave, and Mr Tim Allen.

Mr Allen oversees students' curriculum in Yr 7&8 and Ms Bygrave oversees students curriculum in Yr 9-11 and both may be contacted about this at any time. See About Us/Curriculum for more details.

Alongside Mr Rob O’Halloran, Director of Resources who deals with finance and premises these make up the leadership team.

Mr Phillips is also available for tours of lessons school most Wednesdays. These can be booked through his assistant Ms McCraith.