We recognise that a significant number of our students benefit from additional adult support to ensure that all our students make progress and engage in their learning.

Overall, Deptford Green provides extremely well for Pupil Premium students, evidenced by both attainment and progress and is predicted to continue to do so over, at least, the next two years. The school provides every opportunity for success for all students and tracks the performance of students throughout their time at the school, ensuring that all students and staff are aware of where they need to be at any given moment in years 7-11. Curriculum support and additional opportunities are provided, monitored and enforced where they are needed. The school is proud of the performance of all students with the performance of PP students being a particular area of pride.

Full details as to how Deptford Green invests this money in provision for our students and how we spend our Pupil Premium funding are available on the link on the right.