At Deptford Green students designated as More Able make up about 10-15% of each year group and form a thriving and successful community.

To be listed as  More Able has been based on attaining level 5 or above in three subjects at Primary school.

They get many opportunities, both in lessons and through a multitude of clubs, trips, workshops and performances, to attain the best results for them and to help them lead the school. Many of the More Able students are also on the School Council and are involved in events as varied as the performing in the school productions, playing at Open Mic events and also interviewing new teachers as part of the student panel.  

We ensure that More Able students get every chance to go the extra mile and get fantastic experiences to complement their resilient, enquiring minds.  We also deliver training to staff to improve differentiation and engagement for higher achieving students in lessons.

Each term, extra-curricular events, trips and projects are run to stimulate and stretch G&T students.

A group of More Able students from across all years also work on a variety of whole school initiatives, such as BBC School Report, UK Maths Challenge and Debate Mate.

In past years a student joined a televised debate with opposing sides from the dispute over the closure of Lewisham A&E department.

During a previous BBC schools report two very lucky students got the exclusive opportunity to interview David Cameron and Olympian Lord Sebastian Coe about the Government investment in school sports.

Some of the things you can get involved in are:

1) You can join the highly successful Debate Mate club through which you will be able to enter local, regional and possibly national competitions and improve your speaking, listening, and persuasive skills.

2) You can join the team of talented and enthusiastic students who help run the weekly Deptford Green Gazette. This is the school newspaper and you can offer skills in reporting, photography, article writing and editing. A journalism workshop is available at the Guardian annually for those who attend.

3) You can apply for a fully funded 6th form scholarship place to Colfe's Independent School. Entrance is based on 5 or more As at GCSE, as well as passing an entrance exam.