The school has successfully launched its new biometric cashless catering and registration system as announced in our letters to parents. This will improve the smooth running of our meals service and registration and offers  many benefits to students staff and parents. A computer programme codes a thumb print into a picture which will trigger recognition whenever a student touches the key pads at the school! If it all seems a but high tech, please rest assured that the data is secure, there is no link at all with any outside agencies and there is no way to see the thumbprints that are on record as they are transferred into a coded picture.

Students can pay once for a week, two weeks or longer amount of school dinners by topping up their account in school at times that suit them, then simply by touching the key pad at the checkout their account is deducted the correct amount. In future weeks the programme will be rolled out so that parents can top up the account from home, ensuring that they know the dinner monry they provide is buying healthy school lunches, not snacks on the way to and from the school.

Students will also be able to register their arrival at a class by touching a reigster pad, and any student who has gone to the wrong room or who has arrived late will be recorded automatically.