Parents can now pay for school dinners in various ways.

Parent Pay/Cash Loaders

By creating a ParentPay account parents can pay online. Parents can use local shops to pay into the system if they do not have internet access.

Each parent will be sent a unique password in order to do this shortly after their child joins the school. This allows parents to know how much their child is using and to be sure that their child is spending their dinner money at school, rather than at local take-away outlets on the way home.

Alternatively students can pay into their dinner money account at cash loaders in the school. However, using the cash loaders parents cannot monitor how much or where they children are spending the money they are given and we recommend parents create an online account instead to ensure their child eats a healthy school meal.

With either option it is best to aim to pay once a week, or once a month or once a term rather than daily.

To collect their chosen lunch, students then queue at the serving hatch that they wish to buy from, and use their finger print ID to deduct from the account, making the queues smoother and faster than ever before.

How much does school dinner cost?

Secondary school dinners are £2.30 for a two course meal. Chartwells also provide a snack range which starts at £1. To see the current menu click on the link on the right.

Chartwells also provide a free bowl of porridge for breakfast which students can collect and a range of breakfast items are on sale from 8:10-8:30am.

Applying for free school meals: Who is eligible?

To qualify for free school meals families must be receiving one of these:

  • Income Support
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Income Based Employment Support Allowance
  • Support under Section VI of the Asylum Act 1999
  • Guarantee Element of Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit, without any entitlement to Working Tax Credit, and with an annual income below £16,190

How do I apply for free school meals?

To apply call Lewisham on 020 8314 6221 between 10am-4pm, or download the form from the link on the right and send to Lewisham. Free school meals cannot be back dated so you should apply as soon as your children require free school meals and it is entirely the parents' responsibility to keep their application valid by reapplying when necessary.

The school can only allow students to get a free school meal once Lewisham have informed us that they are eligible. Even if you live in another borough you apply to Lewisham as your child is at a Lewisham school.

Free school meal children can use Parent Pay to allow and monitor if additional items, such as breakfast, is bought.

How does the finger printing system work for free school meals?

Free school meal children still tap on the finger printing, but a lunch is given to them without any money on the account.