We have four Houses which run across all the year groups. These are named after historical boats Endeavour, Discovery, Challenger, Endurance and students are placed in a house as they start the school.

Each House has two tutor groups per year and all students in each tutor group are in the same house. They are therefore working together as a team and compete with other Houses in sports activities, vivo points (merits), attendance etc.

Each week students have a House assembly where students of all ages come together, raising motivation and celebrating success.

Tutors support students in all areas of school life, and make sure that students understand what the school expects of them in terms of work and behaviour, uniform, attendance and punctuality.

Tutors also develop strong relationships with parents and are usually the first point of contact for learning and pastoral issues. Wherever possible tutors will remain with your child as he/she moves up through the school.

When further support is needed, each House has a Head of House, (an Assistant Headteacher) who parents can meet. There are also two support staff who work with parents and students in the house, a Pastoral Leader and a House Pastoral Assistant. 

  • For Endeavour students - the Head of House is Ms Lydall,  the Pastoral Leader is Ms Taylor and the Pastoral Assistant is Ms Davis
  • For Discovery students -  the Head of House is Mr Paish, the Pastoral Leader is Ms Coffey and the Assistant is Mr Nguyen
  • For Challenger students -  the Head of House is Ms Bygrave, the Pastoral Leader is Mr Smith and the Pastoral Assistant is Ms Hope
  • For Endurance students -  the Head of House is Ms Stanghon, the Pastoral Leader is Ms Samms and the Pastoral Assistant is Mr Johnson