The school runs regular forums and coffee mornings to ensure that parents can ask questions and get their views heard. We want you to be involved in the life of the school.

It is important that we know what we are doing well at, and what we could improve at so we would like to encourage as much participation at these groups as parents and carers can manage. All are welcome and these are very friendly open groups.

Parents Forums

These are held in the school once every half term and begin at 6:45pm. We want you to be part of school life and attending the forum is a way to feel included.  The forum is your opportunity to have an active voice in the school so please come along and be a part of our school community.

Minutes from the last meeting are on the link to the left.

Parents Coffee Mornings

These are held from 9:30am-10:30am once every half term.  The coffee mornings are in general a place for you to share with other parents and the Parent Liaison Officer any concerns you may be having with your child/ren in school.  The dates are set in September for the year and on the Year Planner (see dates/events). Reminders are in the weekly Gazette a week in advance.

Dates 2015-16

06/10/15: Coffee Morning

21/10/15: Parent Forum 1

11/11/15: Coffee Morning 2

02/12/15: Parent Forum 2

21/01/16: Coffee Morning 3

27/01/16: Parent Forum 3

02/03/16: Coffee Morning 4

16/03/16: Parent Forum 4

13/04/16: Coffee Morning 5

25/05/16: Parent Forum 5

16/06/16: Coffee Morning 6

29/06/16: Parent Forum 6

Mr Phillips meets parents at his first forum 27.01.16