Parents' Forums and Coffee Mornings

The school runs regular forums and coffee mornings to ensure that parents can ask questions and get their views heard. We want you to be involved in the life of the school.

It is important that we know what we are doing well at, and what we could improve at so we would like to encourage as much participation at these groups as parents and carers can manage. All are welcome and these are very friendly open groups.

Parents Forums

These are held in the school once every half term and begin at 6:45pm. We want you to be part of school life and attending the forum is a way to feel included.  The forum is your opportunity to have an active voice in the school so please come along and be a part of our school community.

Summary on last forum

IEB (Interim Executive Board) speak to Parents about the future direction of DG

On Tuesday 20th May, all three of our IEB members came to the forum and introduced themselves to nearly sixty parents who came out to meet the IEB. A really big thank you to everyone who came. Some parents had already been to the year 8 Parents’ Evening on the Monday, so it wasn’t easy, having to ask parents to come out again to another meeting in the same week, but lots of parents did come despite this, so we really appreciate the effort you all made. It was also evident from that meeting, just how supportive our parents really are. Thank you all so much for your commitment to our school – the strength of feeling you demonstrated was impressive. We also acknowledge that a lot of parents were unable to come because they were working or had other commitments, but we do hope that in the future, whenever you can attend you will, because the forums are a key way of keeping lines of communication open between school and home and as the forum last night proved, the need for clear and transparent communication is essential, creates positivity and strengthens the home-school relationship. We very much want parents to have a voice in this process.

The IEB briefly introduced themselves and then updated parents, in as much detail as they were able to, on the progress school is making since the Ofsted judgement last year and the role they are playing in helping the school move forward from that point. They then gave an overview on how the school has addressed the issues raised by the original Ofsted and went on to ask if it was the parents’ view that there have been noticeable improvements and what are parents perceptions of the school currently. Many parents had an opportunity to feed back their feelings and concerns, both positive and negative and the IEB then responded as appropriate. You will be able to read in more detail what was actually discussed in the forum minutes. The general consensus was that the school has made significant progress since the school was placed on special measures and that children are happy and successful at Deptford Green. There will be two more visits before HMI have to make a final judgement which will allow time for the GCSE and 6th Form results (A level and IB Diploma). We are currently judged as showing ‘Reasonable Progress’ and we are on the right path to a favourable outcome. Our results in the summer are key and current tracking suggests they will be extremely positive.

The IEB also addressed the issue of possible future scenarios for Deptford Green. Parents expressed the viewpoint that they are strongly opposed to becoming an Academy in the future but the IEB did caution that their role is to show a duty of care to our pupils and will need to make a decision that is best for both the current pupils and those that come in the future. They will make a recommendation to the Secretary of State and the Department of Further Education (DFE) that is in the best interests of the students and the local community. The IEB promised that they would include parents in future discussions regarding such changes and keep them informed.

At this forum we also said ‘Thank You and Goodbye’ to Richard Gadd who has been the Chair of the forum for the last 3 years. He has been such a positive and supportive Chair and has been a true ambassador for our school, speaking to prospective parents at many Open Events and always stepping in to help when needed. Richard is stepping down as Chair as his son, Tristan, will be leaving us on Friday 23 May 2014 when he finishes his final IB exam. We wish Tristan well as he continues his educational journey at university and it is with sadness that we say goodbye to the whole family. Ros Chesher, Tristan’s mum, was a previous Chair of Governors here and the family have been a true asset to our school as a whole. We wish them all well and send them off with many thanks and best wishes.

Note by Tracy Walker

Parents Coffee Mornings

These are held from 9:30am-11am once every half term.  The coffee mornings are in general a place for you to share with other parents and the Parent Liaison Officer any concerns you may be having with your child/ren in school.  The dates are sent out in September for the year and reminders are in the weekly Gazette a week in advance. For a reminder of the full dates of these for the year, click on the link to dates and events and download full calendar for the year.

You can see notes from the last meeting on the link to the left.

Date of next coffee morning - 07/05/14


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